Imperia Online Launches the “Quality of Medieval Life” Package – An Ongoing Process of Multiple Massive Gamechangers Deployment

At the end of year 2017 Imperia Online has decided to “go back to the MMO roots”, meaning – to turn its attention to quality content deployment, which has a meaningful debt and will massively improve the players’ in-game lifestyle and experience. Good news is this process will be ongoing, because some of the new modules are truly massive gamechangers.

Imperia Online Climate

What is the major factor a medieval ruler must take into account, when he is about to start his military conquest? Weather conditions, of course. Thus, in January 2018, all the Emperors started living under an ever-changing weather conditions. Now the players will have to consider how rain, fog, snow, etc. will affect their domains and their armies. It is yet another layer of strategy and planning, which is an entire new gaming Universe on its own.

Imperia Online

The Infirmary

For quite a long time our players did not have any kind of control over the number of soldiers recovered after battle. It was a flat percentage of the total army and that was it. No more. With the introduction of the Infirmary the Emperors can now choose how much resources they can invest in getting some of their fallen troops back into service, thus, granting them total control over their Empires’ military healthcare.

Imperia Online

Great People Capture

History teaches us that medieval military commanders, which led the armies into battles, could have a much worse fate than fall into battle. They could be captured by the enemy and used as a leverage during diplomatic negotiations afterwards. Or ransoms. Or, havens forbid, to be forcefully married to the enemy’s royalty, to secure the peace between the two rival nations. And that’s exactly what this new module will be all about. There will be a small chance for your Great Person to be captured by your enemy after the battle and you will have to think how to deal with the situation.

Imperia Online

Alliance Reinforcements

The true medieval ruler accepts the fact that he needs allies, if he wants to accomplish his grand ambitions. That goes double, if military campaigns are involved. We know that many historical battles’ outcomes were decided with the help of allied armies and reinforcements in the very last possible moment and this is something, which has to be an integral part of our gameplay as well. Because sending help to a friend (or not! LOL!), who is under attack, is as medieval as it gets.

So, we have 4 core components of the medieval life – some of them already deployed, some of them soon to be – which we hope will make Imperia Online even more immersive and realistic, when you talk about true Middle Ages experience.


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