As part of the Steam Summer Sale that’s going on now, the whole Final Fantasy franchise is available at a nice discount. In fact, nearly every game is half off, making this an excellent time to fill out your Steam library with some of the most popular and highly regarded RPGs of all time. Just make sure you buy the ones you want before July 5, when the sale ends.

The first two Final Fantasy games aren’t on Steam, but entries III-VI are all on sale for $8 each, including the belated sequel Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. That’s half off the usual prices for those games. Next up, we have Final Fantasy VII on sale for $6. This game brought the series to newfound popularity when it launched on the original PlayStation in 1997. Its PS One follow-up Final Fantasy VIII is also on sale for $6.

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After three increasingly technology-heavy installments, Final Fantasy IX brought the series back to its fantasy roots. It only made its way to PC in 2016, which is probably why it costs more than the others. It’s on sale for $15. Also $15 is the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster bundle. The MMO Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection is on sale for $30.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age didn’t hit Steam until earlier this year, so it’s also more premium-priced than most of the others, at $25. Next, the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is on sale for $10 each. Curiously, the acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV isn’t on sale, but the Stormblood expansion is down to $20. You can play a free trial if you’re on the fence about buying it. Final Fantasy XV is $25, and the more kid-friendly World of Final Fantasy is on sale for $20.

That ought to give you a few thousand hours of role-playing.


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