Insomniac’s Spider-Man now has a release date, and with that we’re getting more details on how it all works. A new look at the combat explores just how Spidey will dispatch gangs of criminals with all the grace and finesse of an experienced wall-crawler.

Experience is the key, because as creative director Bryan Intihar explained to Game Informer, this is a version of Spider-Man who has been doing this for years. That makes him a master of improvisation, and Insomniac wanted to capture that by giving him a wide array of abilities that players can fluidly swap between and mix together. Those include melee, web abilities, and gadgets. While you can jump into a gaggle of goons and start swinging your fists, you’ll also often have the option of taking a few out quietly. The Game Informer video shows a flexible system of using abilities in different ways and in different combinations.

This also touches briefly on the game’s progression system. You can craft mods and gadgets, and completing mission sub-objectives will give you extra currency to focus on the skills you prefer.

We know Spider-Man won’t use microtransactions, and the Collector’s Edition announcement also gave us some idea of what to expect from post-launch DLC. Insomniac is definitely holding back, though. The statue that comes with the CE has a base that is so far unrevealed, likely due to some spoiler that’s still to come. Check out what we hope the game has in store while we wait for more details. Spider-Man is coming on September 7 to PlayStation 4.


Author Steve Watts

Original Post by GameSpot

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