The biggest gaming event of the year has been E3 for a long time but a few years ago in 2016 EA announced it was pulling away from E3 to create its own conference based solely on its own products. One can speculate why they made this move, maybe they decided they have enough products to make a conference all about them and they are even rumors that EA see E3 as a dying conference. Either way EA Play is a huge event full of fun games and this post is everything I am hoping and wishing for during this years show.


Battlefield 5 (Battlefield 2, Bad Company 3)

Okay so it makes sense to get the biggest one out the way first. As you can see we still have noooo idea what the title of the next Battlefield will be but EA have confirmed it will be playable at the event. I saw the event when Battlefield 1 was showed off and damn was it a good show! They hired the likes of Snoop Dog and Terry Crews to come play the game and make it a spectacular event. They have been strong rumors that this year we will finally get news on what is quite possibly the most anticipated game of the decade, Bad Company 3. Nothing is confirmed but EA did announce a few years back that they will definitely be making it, once they knew why people loved it so much. Personal I can’t see the Battlefield series going in a better direction than continuing in its most successful series. On the likely chance that it is not BC: 3 I really hope they don’t just make a game based in WW2 though it is extremely likely, DICE have done an excellent job in making Battlefield stand out over the past few titles and attacking a more unfrequented touched area of war would be more beneficial.

Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 is the latest installment in the smash hit series.
Bad Company 2
Fans still await the sequel to BC: 2. It is hailed as the best game in the Battlefield series.






One of the most interesting and stand out games of E3 2017 was Anthem, then new IP developed by Bioware and published by EA. I mean it just looks amazing, its like a cross between Destiny and Titanfall but even more open world. As soon as I saw the E3 trailer I instantly thought this is the next big thing. Not a great deal is known about this game yet but expect it to be shown extensively at EA Play. Personally this is the EA game I am most looking forward to learning about, I just hope they don’t build it up to be something amazing and deliver so little, like Bungie did with the base game of Destiny. Check out the game play trailer below.

EA Star Wars

So after Disney got their mouse mittens on Star Wars they officially made EA the publisher for the majority of games to come. In 2016 EA announced they have multiple Star Wars games in production including an open world game. This lead everyone to believe they were finally making the next Knights of the Old Republic (which would be amazing). They will not be a new Battlefront this year as they announced DICE would make Battlefield one year and Battlefront the next which leaves open a huge slot. This year was supposed to be the year we get the massive open world game made by Visceral games but EA made a statement to say that the game is being massively change to a game with greater depth and breadth to explore (which is what you want from an open world game). What this means is that the open world Star Wars game won’t be shown until probably 2019. Personally I am hoping to find out more about Respawn’s 3rd person action game, Titanfall set in the Star Wars universe? Yes please!

So whilst we have no idea what we will see you can guarantee Star Wars will feature in a big way.

EA's tease of Bioware Project
This was the photo used to tease the Open World Star Wars game back at EA Play 2016. Lets hope we see more this year!

EA Sports (Its in the game)

It is pretty much confirmed we will see the usual EA Sports titles, Fifa and Madden will most likely take much of the spotlight for this. Last years additions to both franchises went down well with players specifically the Journey story that was added. Whilst these games are beautiful creations thanks to the Frostbite engine, every year I sit there thinking what can they add to it now? and every year they manage to make a big enough change that people buy it in the millions. This year however EA have announced a return to cricket! Granted I have no cares for Cricket but it is nice to see EA expanding their Sports library to more then NBA, Madden and Fifa.

EA Cricket to relaunch
Cricket fans can rejoice in the relaunch of EA Cricket!


Need For Speed

They will probably be some form of Need For Speed this year and whilst Payback was a decent game this franchise has fallen so far from the days of Underground or even Most Wanted. I think EA really needs to sit down and look at why we all loved those games so much. Most Wanted was my favorite action racing game, the police chases and the way the cars drove just made it feel awesome. I honestly think EA could take some notes from Ubisoft here and take a year off or so to really make a decent game, we don’t need a yearly release, just look at the wonders it has done for Assassins Creed. Granted they took time out from the 2015 game but that is primary because they change studios. This year I want an announcement that they have been making a new Need For Speed game for the past few years and its a sequel to Most Wanted, then I would be happy.

Need For Speed Underground 3
If EA ever get stuck low down in the market they could just make this game, I mean I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t buy it.

One thing I will say is that EA really need to look into new IP’s, Anthem is going to be amazing (I hope) and the Star War games will but typically EA’s game catalog is the same things each year. I want to see them making a move for more new games over the next few years. That being said EA Play is usually a very fun event full of great games and fun celebrities and I am really looking forward to this years event.

Let me know your opinions for the event below or over on our forums here! Stay tuned for the next post regarding my hopes and expectations for E3! Thanks for tuning in, may the force be with you always!