Hollow Knight review – a slick, stylish, and super tough Metroidvania

There are no training wheels in this kingdom.

Buried deep within this insect infested land, each playthrough of Hollow Knight feels and moves a little differently. There are no waypoints or story missions – there’s not even a right or wrong way to play, really. Developer Team Cherry doesn’t care where you go, or how you get there. Even how much of the story you see is up to you.

This lack of direction is overwhelming at first. Even though I’m the kind of player that naturally double-backs on where I think any given game wants me to go – someone who instinctively scours for secrets – the dozens of pathways and possibilities trouble me. As I wander through Hollow Knight’s early hours it becomes more troubling still, and I start to worry that I may miss huge swaths of lore and collectibles – even whole areas, maybe? – if I’m not thorough enough. But as I adapt to the natural ebb and flow of Hollow Knight’s rhythm and concentrate instead on what lies ahead, that anxiety melts away.

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