Welcome to a quick Caffeine Gaming hardware review!

In September last year, Xbox released a varied collection of special edition, Wireless Xbox One controllers. Each one possesses its own beauty. But today, I’m going to be giving you a quick insight on one of the first releases, the fiery Volcano Shadow.

Now, it’s hard not to be a little be biased with this one. I fell in love with this controller pretty much straight away. The Volcano Shadow is definitely my favourite in the whole Shadow series. Partly because it’s a combo of two of my favourite colours but also because of the recognised gradient across the entire series. Each one taking you from this beautiful matt black at the top and sweeping down into that elegant metallic colouring. In this instance, red – it’s about as gorgeous as a controller can get.

Alongside the sweet gradient, there’s also the addition of matching buttons with the red XYBA, Start and Select buttons which all blend in nicely with the design. Flip the controller over, you’ve got the standard bumpers and triggers of the normal controller. But you’ve got a nice texture to improve your grip in longer sessions. I’ve actually found that this surprisingly helps quite a bit. I used to feel like I was holding onto my standard for dear life whereas this one sits comfortably and doesn’t slide about everywhere.

A nice little addition to the Volcano Shadow (which appears now on all newer controllers) is the appearance of the 3.5mm jack. So no more having to add on a bulky chat pad when you wanna block out the background noise. Obviously, you’ve still got the standard jack so you can still use all of your other accessories without worry.

All in all, this little beaut is everything you’d want in a new controller. Is it worth the price tag? For the ease of use, the beautiful colouration and the feeling you get of ‘Hell yeah, let’s do this!’ when you pick it up, I’d go with yes.

Features of the Volcano Shadow:

  • Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the Xbox Wireless Controller.
  • Sleek, streamlined design with a fiery red metallic finish.
  • Textured grip.
  • Custom button mapping.
  • Improved wireless range.
  • Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack.
  • Bluetooth® technology – play your favourite games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

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