Hands on with Oculus’ two big evolutions: Quest and Rift S

It’s been three years since the initial launch of Facebook’s Oculus Rift and this spring, Oculus will be launching two new versions of its headset. Both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S will retail for £399/€449 each, but after hands on time with both, it’s safe to say they offer radically different experiences depending on what kind of gamer you actually are.

The next iteration of the Rift comes with Oculus Insight – that’s full, six degrees of freedom tracking using five inbuilt sensors on the headset that offer room scale VR, right out of the box. This means no more annoying external sensors need to be placed around your gaming setup in order to track the movement of both your head and hands.

Whilst the Rift S still relies on PC computational power to run its software, the amount of cables needed to do this has been reduced to just one single five-metre cable. Not only is this much more convenient in the long run, it also opens up the possibility of playing on powerful laptops with a limited number of USB ports.

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