Halo Infinite‘s first multiplayer beta is beginning today, and developer 343 Industries has revealed much more of what you can expect from the next iteration of Halo multiplayer. In particular, the studio showed off the multiplayer settings, which include a bunch of new accessibility options like the ability to change Halo’s iconic red and blue multiplayer colors.

Specifically, 343 Industries is including a setting to let you change the coloration of both teammates and enemies. While “red vs. blue” is, of course, famous as the default setup of Halo multiplayer, that color scheme isn’t great for everyone. This setting will give colorblind people options to achieve more visible contrast between friendly and enemy players.

In addition, the studio is incorporating a whole array of various graphics, UI, and gameplay settings to significantly expand the customization options for players. These include the ability to change the positional offset of weapons on the screen (to allow old-school players to have their weapons more centered, for instance), and an opt-out button for speed lines, a graphic effect triggered when players are sprinting.

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Author Alex Newhouse

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