GrossGore makes his comeback

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GrossGore makes his comeback unbanned from twitch

Recently GrossGore the famous banned Twitch streamer and League of Legends player has been unbanned from Twitch after a year. The news of his return to Twitch was actually leaked by accident on his subreddit GrossGore earlier in may when people appeared to be able to go back onto his channel and chat. This however was quickly taken down and the Twitch channel was once again unavailable to view, leading to speculation as to whether it has been a mistake on Twitch’s end or it was a cover up for the time being. Read more gaming news here at Caffeine Gaming.

However GrossGore was silent for many weeks about anything related to this incident and even said on his YouTube live stream that  “i don’t have a clue about twitch”. However on June 16th 2017 he uploaded a YouTube video titled “Twitch Unbanned Me!” showing that his infamous Toyota Supra which he had customised himself had now a Twitch decal on the Windshield finally getting rid of all speculation and announcing with a countdown timer that he would be streaming the following day.

GrossGore makes his comeback unbanned from twitch

Within the first day of his Stream he had gained a massive 1,500 subscribers on Twitch and had amassed over 12k viewers at once. This was a very strong start for Ali(GrossGore) and I was very happy for him, he had however made a few significant changes to his stream to try and keep it more “safe”.

The Changes

One of the first changes was the banning of the two emotes “TriHard” and “cmonBruh” this is mainly because these two emotes are used by some viewers in racist context. Many viewers were not happy about this as they felt it was unnecessary but personally I can understand the ban of these emotes as Ali does not wish to be seen badly by Twitch who will surely be monitoring him for the first few weeks.

The next change to Ali’s live stream was the Sub-mode only Twitch chat and Twitch VODS(Videos on Demand) he decided to have Sub-mode only enabled as he knew that when his return came he would attract a large viewing and some people would spam ignorant things into the chat. He did however state that he will most likely turn Sub-mode chat off after a few months have passed and the heat has died down.When he announced that the VODS would be Sub only this angered many people as they felt it was unnecessary that they had to spend $5 each month to view his past streams. This was particularly frustrating for people living in different time zones who had no chance to catch his stream when it was live. Thankfully however Ali decided to change his mind about this matter and posted on his Reddit stating “Due to the majority of this sub, VODS are now available for the world to see. There was a big back lash in the last 24 hours of this decision & we have heard your request’s from this subreddit & I am glad it has now been changed now rather than later.”.

My Thoughts

Overall I believe that Ali has seemed to make a great start back on Twitch, the platform that he loves the most. Many people have criticised him since his ban and even before that but I believe that he is a changed man and I welcome the change. Since his ban and unban from Twitch he has had many ups and downs but now has his own house,car and his Girlfriend is pregnant with his child. I could not be happier for him and I wish him all the best in the future.

To visit GrossGores Twitch channel click here.