Gordian Quest has been in Early Access for the past two years, but has just been released in full this week. It’s a card game RPG with detailed lore, character interactions, and complex mechanics through its wide range of characters, skills, and playstyles interwoven with deck-building mechanics. If you’re a fan of games like Slay the Spire or Frost, Gordian Quest takes the base of these deck-building RPGs and provides hundreds of options through its customization, equipment, and skill trees interwoven within its party mechanics and tactical turn-based combat. Check out our tips for beginners, including character and party suggestions, how to navigate the skill trees, build the optimal deck, and more below.

Character and Party

Gordian’s Quest has 10 playable characters to choose from at launch, all with their own cards, skills, strategies, and mechanics. You will be able to recruit more throughout your playthrough of the campaign, but you will start with one chosen from any of these 10 totaling a party of three on combat encounters.

Do you want to play Naran, the Bard to provide masterful music to buff allies, Lucius, the Swordhand to maul enemies with maces, or Ida, the Druid to summon allies such as Spirit Wolves to fight by your side?

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Author Veerender Singh Jubbal

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