Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is adding a lot of new content to the samurai action-adventure game, including an entirely new area and story to experience, but none of that is important now that we know you’ll be able to hang out and pet all sorts of animals, adding to the foxes from the original release.

Sucker Punch revealed more details on this in a Twitter thread, sharing that on the new Iki Island area, there will be animal sanctuaries where Jin will be able to tame different local wildlife. These include cats, and as you can see in the video embedded below, you can give them little pets on their little heads. They’ll even sniff and nibble at Jin’s arm, but they won’t bite down too hard because they’re just playing, yes they are, yes they are.

Other animals available for snuggles include deer. The one featured in the video is spotted, yet has full antlers, meaning it’s likely the Sika deer very common in Japan. In the US, spotted deer are typically very young white-tailed deer.

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Author Gabe Gurwin

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