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[Sign ups open] Season 2 PC

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Plan for season 2.


March 2018

Car Class: TBD

Constructors championship. Teams of 2. 

Custom car settings. 

20 Laps

6 Races

Must do 1 pitstop at least

Various Weather Settings


Race times: Every Sunday 8pm GMT

Race 1: March 4th 


1st Place Prize - TBA



Reply to this thread that you want in. Please try and find a team mate. 

If not we can pair the rest together

Feel free to make any suggestions.


We are looking for a race broadcaster & director to stream this to our Twitch & YouTube channels.




Allow Auto Start Engine: Yes

Force Interior View: No

Force Driving Line off: No

Force Default Setups: No

Force Manual Gears: No

Force Realistic Driving Aids: No

Allow ABS: Yes

Allow TC: Yes

Allow SC: Yes

Damage: Visual

Mechanical Failures: No

Force Manual Pit stops: Yes

Pit Stop Errors: No

Tyre Wear: Authentic

Fuel: Yes

Force Cooldown lap: Yes

Rules & Penalties: On

Track Limits: On

Time Penalty: 5 Sec

Drive Through Penalty: Off

Pit Exit Penalty: On

Race License: Off


Stewards Enquiry: Wish to complain about another driver? Well you can. Contact @Will and we sort your issue out.


Track suggestions welcome.




Team 1: Will & Rob

Team 2: Shadow

Team 3: Bigcahoona

Team 4:

Team 5:

Team 6:

Team 7:

Team 8:

Team 9:

Team 10:



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Of course im in!!

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What cars do you all want?

Im suggesting GT3 cars... Lots of different cars in that series. Rear wheel, Front wheel, 4 Wheel. 

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3 minutes ago, Nij_no1 said:

Hi I'm wanting to join all you racers what do I need to do to sign up. Thanks

My psn nij_no1

Hey great to hear! But this is PC only. I have updated the post on the Project Cars forums to say that. Sorry!

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