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Practice laps LeMans

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3.33.8 My fastest so far. Default set up.


Whats everyone elses?



LMP1 P30 

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To help you guys out a bit... This track has about 20 corners and if you can get 0.2 seconds faster each corner you scrape off 4.0 seconds off in the end. The following list gives you a quick overview of the areas where it is possible to scrape off that 0.1 seconds (or more) each corner:


1. Use the ENTIRE track surface including usable runoff areas. such as the corner after Indianapolis where the road goes a little wider and then merges back in.

2. Use smooth inputs on the steering. You might not notice it but the car gets unstable for a split second and you lose acceleration.

3. Don't underestimate how much speed you can carry through a corner. Here again Indianapolis is a 3rd gear corner for me and i brake hard then let it slide without throttle through the corner and hit the throttle again just before the apex.

4. try not to focus to much on braking as late as possible... Good early acceleration out of a corner gains you many seconds on any kind of straight road that comes afterwards. This is most important on the chicanes on mullisane strait. 

(5ish) on those chicanes i use 2 braking points. first being the big braking zone that is on the strait to go from top speed to 4th gear then i turn into the chicane and brake a little more 1 gear down for the second part of the chicane and hit the accelerator directly after this action to speed out of the 3rd section of the chicane.


i hope this helps you guys! 

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