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  1. the_gingerback

    New Nvidia Graphics cards

    If performance tests come out as good as they are making it look I think the 2070 is gonna be the hot ticket for its price!
  2. the_gingerback

    New Nvidia Graphics cards

    We don't know if its worth it because we have no metrics to genuinely measure it on. It did for a lot of it feel like some weird University lecture on lighting and shadows. I kind of feel like he was trying really hard to convince everyone that he's super intelligent (which i'm sure he is) but there was a lot of distraction in the form of ray tracing and how amazing it is and not really any substance on the card itself and how much power it has. The demos themselves were rather underwhelming overall.
  3. the_gingerback

    New Nvidia Graphics cards

    So Nvidia have released their new line of Graphics cards at Gamescon yesterday. I'm curious to see what people think? Personally I think they spent far too much time trying to convince everyone that they NEED ray tracing and not enough time showing us exactly what it can do. All the game demos focused on peripheral graphics like shadows and reflections, passive things that we never really noticed before, I've never heard someone complain about games needing better shadows and reflections from metal and glass surfaces. Don't get me wrong, Its a major accomplishment and looks phenomenal but we still have no real sense of how these cards are going to perform. They've even created a new scale for measuring RTX performance so it's actually not possible to see a true side by side comparison at the moment, yes the new cards outclass the previous models in their ability to ray trace, but thats because they were designed specifically for that, whereas previous cards just weren't. I will not be pre ordering but will definitely be looking to redo my entire build next year as my current one is about 3 years old now and my GTX 1080, though still playing everything at highest, has already been giving me issues lately. I want to see true performance stats as well as what some top developers do with it before i'm willing to invest over $1000 for an RTX 2080 ti. Anyone else feel differently?
  4. the_gingerback

    Gaming Energy Drinks. Good or Bad?

    I don't think caffeine is the issue with energy drinks. Caffeine has been found to promote brain activity and reduce appetite, its actually a very good substance for the body (Like anything though in the correct amounts) My understanding is that the real health issue with energy drinks is Taurine, to be more precise its the mixture of Taurine and caffeine with other sugars etc. Taurine and caffeine, though both considered to be energy giving products, actually work against each other. Where caffeine increases the heart rate, taurine lowers your blood pressure, Your heart wants to pump faster but also pump your blood slower. I am vehemently against the use of Energy drinks and strongly believe that if you need an energy boost there are far better and safer/healthier ways to do so. I have personal reasons for my stance on this but to close I 100% agree that kids under 16 should not be allowed to buy energy drinks in a shop. I'll step down from my little soap box now! lol.
  5. Final Fantasy 7. Even though I've played it a million times I could easily smack it on right now and dissapear into my screen for the next month!
  6. the_gingerback

    New Gameplay trailers!

    I think Rockstar have been pretty hard on the fact that this will be a different multiplayer experience more suiting to the game they are creating. I know they've been speaking about still having your own base camp in multiplayer that you can customize but not a huge amount else. I hope they integrate the heists element from GTA at least, I think that was a really fun addition that can translate well into a wild west setting.
  7. the_gingerback

    New Gameplay trailers!

    Having been a PC gamer for some time now I haven't played the first one either, but there are a lot of titles i want to get on console so will probably get a ps4 for this, last of us 2 and god of war!
  8. the_gingerback

    Hello! From the Gingerback!

    Hi everyone My names Frank aka the Gingerback I'm a contributor here on Caffeinegaming.com and a show producer for the podcast. I thought I'd come tell you guys a bit more about myself and where else you can see my stuff. I'm a content creator working on building my own brand through Streaming, Youtube videos and blogging/news articles on various networks, channels and sites. I've not been doing this for very long (no more than a few months at time of writing) but have found that I have a huge passion for the work in an Industry I have for very long been trying to break into. I first tried as a developer and began a degree with the open university in computing and IT where I learnt to code in Java, Python, PHP and do Html and CSS. I began moving the things that I learnt into Unity, teaching myself C# and 3d modelling. Then one day I turned on my webcam and started my first stream and the rest as they say is history. If you'd like to see any of my other work you can follow the below links: Twitter Facebook Discord I'm currently in the process of building my youtube channel as well as a brand new website, so keep an eye out for that, see you guys around and have a great day. The Gingerback
  9. the_gingerback

    New Gameplay trailers!

    Hay Everyone I recently posted an article about the new red dead redemption trailer, if you haven't seen it you can read it here: https://www.caffeinegaming.com/rockstar-release-red-dead-redemption-2-game-play-trailer/ We also had the new Doom Eternal Gameplay trailer the next day, so spoiled with awesome stuff at the moment. Personally think the Meat hook on the new shotgun for Doom Eternal is amazing and a revolution for one of my favourite weapons! A shotgun that brings you closer to the bad guys, all the murder! Did anyone see anything else they liked? What do you hope Rockstar will show in the next Gameplay trail for red dead 2? @Contributor @Member @Trial Contributor @Temp Contributor
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