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  1. bharath

    Dying Light 2

    That is a goof PC, but Ill go with latest model as my kids want to run GTA5 and other games too. The cost is around $1500 here.
  2. This is not working at the moment since Google is making dance and sometime the videos are ranked according to their views and exposure, than backlinks. I just kept my channels idle from more than a year and now looking to boom them.
  3. bharath

    How to get 7bn Views - According to YOGSCAST

    I got some where in thousands with less subscribers, but seen some of my friends who make a living YouTube as they get more views not in million or billion. We need the best and latest news of video that can bring into thousands or views per hour.
  4. bharath


    Thanks for your welcome, hoping to be a active member here forever. Do you run any contest like prizes in games or cash?
  5. bharath

    Discord Servers

    I am only discord in other chat group without any servers just as a normal user. How much do you pay for a month on Discord?
  6. bharath

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I am watching in PC only from the last 10 years, so can't remember what was my last movie, however I believe it would be Godzilla.
  7. bharath

    Cuisine Royale Free on Steam till 25th June

    I was late here to get an opportunity for playing into this game, however will be looking forward once it is again for free. Nice to see a lot of companies offering free games.
  8. bharath

    Dying Light 2

    This looks like an evil game, most of the time I used to play GTA and Tarzan games. What is the PC requirement for this?
  9. bharath

    FIFA 2019

    Long back I got a pack, but never used them at all, since I got them for free from a friend and at that time was suffering with health problems.
  10. bharath


    I am new here was searching for gaming forums and landed in this board. I hope everyone is doing fine and me from India. I like to play Vice City most time as it was one of my favorite game.