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  1. bharath

    Dying Light 2

    That is a goof PC, but Ill go with latest model as my kids want to run GTA5 and other games too. The cost is around $1500 here.
  2. bharath


    Thanks for your welcome, hoping to be a active member here forever. Do you run any contest like prizes in games or cash?
  3. bharath

    Discord Servers

    I am only discord in other chat group without any servers just as a normal user. How much do you pay for a month on Discord?
  4. bharath

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I am watching in PC only from the last 10 years, so can't remember what was my last movie, however I believe it would be Godzilla.
  5. bharath

    Cuisine Royale Free on Steam till 25th June

    I was late here to get an opportunity for playing into this game, however will be looking forward once it is again for free. Nice to see a lot of companies offering free games.
  6. bharath

    Dying Light 2

    This looks like an evil game, most of the time I used to play GTA and Tarzan games. What is the PC requirement for this?
  7. bharath

    FIFA 2019

    Long back I got a pack, but never used them at all, since I got them for free from a friend and at that time was suffering with health problems.
  8. bharath


    I am new here was searching for gaming forums and landed in this board. I hope everyone is doing fine and me from India. I like to play Vice City most time as it was one of my favorite game.
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