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  1. Heya! IGDB.com is an online gaming database with over 85.000 games, that's a lot of pages! More importantly we want to be sure we become a useful and practical tool for the industry, be it devs, the press, or content creators. The game pages themselves are fairly obvious on their own, but there's a few more tools and pages that could be of use to you guys;) Press kits: Every game on the site gets an automatically generated Press Kits. nice and easy. If you're in need of trailer links or the latest screenshots to include in your articles, it's all there in one place. Press kit links are always at the bottom of the sidebar in the 'Other' section, and will follow this URL format: https://www.igdb.com/games/shadow-of-the-colossus/presskit Countdowns: Writing about an up and coming date ? If it has a release date, the game page on IGDB will automatically generate a countdown. Even better, it breaks it down per region and platform, so wherever you are you can be sure to get the accurate time. Links are always at the bottom of the sidebar in the 'Other' section below PressKits, and will follow this URL format: https://www.igdb.com/games/god-of-war--1/countdown Company pages: We're more than just about games, also game makers! Every entry on the site gets a page and this includes developers and publishers as well. Want to know what else that company has produced in the past, handy timeline will do that. https://www.igdb.com/companies/team-ico I'm always on the Discord so feel free to ask questions or give feedback, more than willing to answer. Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm Jerome from IGDB.com ! We're the fastest growing open-source online game database, currently with almost 80.000 games to date. We aim to be the one place for all Your gaming and to bring together games, fans, and industry people alike. We're partnering along with CaffeineGaming on content, so watch out Most importantly we're community based, and we love indies just as much as triple A. We're very careful to give the small devs the same equal coverage, our motto is: No Games Left Behind ! anyone can add and edit games, and feature alongside the big studios. We have a wide variety of features, all based on community feedback. If you're an indie developer , you can add your game and get an automated game page, developer page, even a Press-Kit! and start spreading the word via our social feed Avid gaming, huge backlog ? (happens to the best of us :s) Follow games and create lists to keep track, we even have Versions in case you're a collector! We also have apps ! (currently Android exclusive, temporarily.) IGDB Pulse: is a Game News app, be on lookout for CaffeineGaming on there ! IGDB Pocket: Is a condensed version of our database. Looking forward to get more involved on here, and thanks Will for having us around Feel free to drop any questions about us, we're also on Discord, have a blog and the usual social stuffs etc etc.., come say hi