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  1. I personally am just wishing for some awesome games in 2018!
  2. X_Pilot

    Greetings Everyone!

    Hey @Darkfall ! Welcome to the forums Nice to have you!
  3. X_Pilot

    Azulgar Star Commanders Giveaway

  4. X_Pilot


    Waddup sexy boiiii
  5. X_Pilot

    Hi! I make Sky Knights!

    Hey @Bankler ! Welcome to the forums! I can vouch for Sky Knights. Awesome game! Defo worth it!
  6. X_Pilot

    Guten Tag.

    Welcome to Caffeine Gaming Max!
  7. X_Pilot

    The Names Croft...

    Omg @JamieCroft93 and @Will We can @ People!!!! This is awesome!
  8. X_Pilot

    The Names Croft...

    Awesome man! Welcome to the forums!!!
  9. X_Pilot

    Destiny 2 :D

    What does everybody think about Destiny 2 so far? Yay or neigh?
  10. X_Pilot

    M'name's Greg!

    Hey all! I'm Greg, a computer games development student currently in my second year It's been my goal to be a game developer since I was a kid. I've been coding for about 5 years now, initially self-taught but then I took computer science for the International Baccalaureate at higher level. I'm now in university and my goal is to get an internship at Ubisoft Singapore to expand my knowledge on game development and also get a taste of what AAA development is like. I was a level designer for Lusorion Creatives, the developers of Legends of Azulgar, but have since switched position to programmer. I'm also working on a game in my free time with Nashira and Muffins! We founded a tiny group of students, called CIDE, that is aiming to make a fun game, however, when we started we had no knowledge of how to use game engines. I've also started up the IFMU Gaming Twitter and Discord. Though initially a small group of friends making youtube videos, we are now a small community that aims to promote the "small" people such as Indie developers and small streamers! Thanks for reading!
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    Hello there!
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