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  1. Will

    Hey Guys!

    Hey @Oddly Welcome! Please do post your YouTube channel link here for all to see. We will catch up tonight!
  2. Will

    MC Server coming soon

    Yes its happening. For all the Minecraft fans out there we are working on a new server. Watch this space.
  3. Will

    Discord - Forum Sync

    Please sync your Discord Account with your profile so your roles sync. https://www.caffeinegaming.com/forum/index.php?/settings/
  4. Will

    It's Ya Boi

    Say that again and ill castrate you! You know what I mean lol
  5. Will

    EGX 2018

    We will be at EGX again this year. Let us know if you are going. Come say hi!!
  6. Will

    Hi Everyone im new one!

    He @Tawrat HossainWelcome! What games do you play?
  7. Will

    New Nvidia Graphics cards

    yeah.. need to wait for YouTubers to do bench marking tests
  8. Will

    New Nvidia Graphics cards

    Well the live stream was shit boring. Kept going back in and they were just talking about as you said, ray tracing. Im also sceptical about if its worth the upgrade. Especially, from the 1080ti.
  9. Looks interesting. Will give it a go!
  10. Live Friday 7pm GMT twitch.tv/caffeine_gaming
  11. Will

    New Gameplay trailers!

    I have never played Red Dead Redemption. This might be the first time I do!
  12. Will

    Hello! From the Gingerback!

    Welcome! Glad to have you here. Nice to know about your coding experience. Might have to rack your brains soon
  13. Will

    i63 August Bank Holiday [Meet up]

    Ok Friday 24th August we are meeting at the Genting Casino. To get in you need to be a member. Its free. Just need to sign up. Best to do it in advance but can do it when you get there. https://www.gentingcasino.com/
  14. For me maybe right now GTAV. With all the mods possibilities in an open world are endless.
  15. It is a chat show! lol But yeah get what you mean. Its in my plans. Just need to get there. So this week I tried to change things up a bit by having some videos in it. There will be more content like this. Just depends on the show. Hmmm ... I have some good ideas for future shows. They need some planning but working on ideas for the next now. Want to involve the viewers more and anyone at Meltdown as well.
  16. Will

    Gaming Energy Drinks. Good or Bad?

    FSA FCC cant do jack. Caffeine is found in so many drinks. Tea & Coffee being the most popular. But the kid thing I agree with!
  17. Working on a post for CG about energy drinks for gamers. Sparked a debate on Discord so wanted to bring it to the forums. Please post your views here and ill include them in the article. I see Energy Drinks to give a boost in energy, to enhance concentration for a while. I don't see them to be used for a work out. I see conflicting articles about what the intended purpose of Energy Drinks are for. Energy drinks have been a life saver for me. Working as a manger in a nightclub and working in the industry in general I would not have survived without them. But don't get me wrong. Too many is not good.
  18. Thanks again to all who watched last night. Re watch it again here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvSXa5Krk34 Please do share this! Helps us out a lot. We are working on lots more shows. But we want to also know what you want to be in our show. So please let us know below.
  19. Where is this voucher for? Steam?
  20. Thanks for the feedback on Discord! Next show is this Sunday 6PM from Meltdown. Please do come join us at Meltdown if you are in London. https://www.facebook.com/events/630308750675426/ We will be chatting about "What makes a great game"
  21. Welcome to the Caffeine Gaming Show @ Meltdown LDN feedback thread. Please put any issues you saw below or any constructive feedback you might have. Ideas for future shows much welcome! Soft Launch Show What Makes A Great Game
  22. Will

    GURU Live London

    http://guru.bafta.org/guru-live-london GURU LIVE LONDON >> SAT 15 + SUN 16 SEPTEMBER A weekend of non-stop masterclasses, workshops + Q+As. It's the place to be to learn from BAFTA-winners, industry professionals + up-and-coming talent, take the next step in your career or simply share our passion for all things film, games + television! Is Guru Live for me? If you’re a lover of film, games or television then Guru Live is definitely the right fit – but you’ll find the weekend especially helpful if you’re just making your start in the industry. Whether that means you’re a post-graduate looking to take those first steps or you’ve already got a few credits under your belt, we’ve got a session for you How much does it cost? Tickets across all our events are just £6 – or you can get 2 for £10! Where’s it happening? Our next Guru Live event is taking place at BAFTA 195 in London, already this year we've visited Glasgow + Cardiff Who’s going to be there? Check out the full line-up below! Highlights include Charlie Cooper of This Country fame, the Love Island team, the creative crew from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me By Your Name
  23. Will

    Dying Light 2

    Not released yet but id reckon you would need at least an i5 6th gen - 8GB RAM - GTX880 as a min. But if you want to run on full get an i7 and 10series GPU
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