Here at Caffeine Gaming we live and breath gaming reviews! For your daily does of gaming news today i shall be taking you through a review of Fortnite and its new Battle Royale game mode.

Fortnite was originally released back in July 2017 on all platforms, it is a sandbox survival game where players have to create bases and defend against waves of Zombies. It is created by the famous Epic Games and utilises Unreal Engine 4 beautifully. Epic Games founder described the game as ‘Minecraft meets Left-4-dead’. It was met with great success but will be made free-to-play in 2018.

Player Unknown's: Battlegrounds
PU:Battlegrounds has launched Battle Royale games into popularity!

Epic Games has added a Free-to-Play Battle Royale game mode to Fortnite that plays separately to the main game mode. Currently it is in Closed Beta. Battle Royale is a genre of gaming that is becoming massively popular, especially thanks to the success of Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds. (You can check the review for Battlegrounds Here)

The genre works on a premise of the movie Battle Royale where 100 people get dropped onto an island and have to find weapons and resources to fight it out between each other until only 1 player lives and wins the game.

I have played a few battle royale games in my time and i must admit Fortnite’s iteration is one of my favourites! The Unreal engine is already known for being one of the best in gaming but it works perfectly to give Fortnite: BR its colourful, vibrant and cartoon style look.

The beautiful world Unreal has created.
Unreal Engine 4 makes Fortnite look like its pulled straight from a Nickelodeon Cartoon.

The game starts off by loading the player into a pre-game lobby which takes the shape of an island where players can run about and ‘dance off’ for the fun of it. Once everyone has been loaded into the lobby then the game starts, the battle bus (a bus/hot air balloon) flies over the island starting from a random point and players choose when to drop out and free fall until you open a glider and float down to a point on the island. Once everyone has landed a circle is marked out which shrinks during the match, if you are outside the circle your health reduces until you die.

The map for Fortnite: Battle Royale
The map has huge loot locations like a Prison and a swamp.

On the island they is hundreds of places to loot weapons, materials and resources from huge towns and a prison to small huts along rivers. I always aim for the prison whenever i can, i seem to have some really good luck when i land there and manage to get some really good weapons! (watch my luck run out now).

The weapons on the game seem to be coloured differently depending on the rarity with Grey being Common and Orange being Legendary (Much like the game Destiny). Assault rifles are my go to weapon as i find it easy to use them but they do often lack the range needed for some kills as they drop in handling at range. Sniper rifles are perfect for the longer ranged kills but despite being able to pull of shots like this, I do find it hard to use them so i avoid them as much as possible. A Semi-auto Shotgun, Assault Rifle and Grenade/Rocket Launcher seem to be my best loud-out for the end game so far.

Another feature I love in this game is the Duo and Squad modes, in Duos you go in teams of 2 and in Squads teams of 4. My favourite mode to play is Duos as I play with one of my friends and find it easier to communicate and survive longer when you only have each other to worry about.

Hiding in a bush
Hiding in a bush is an effective tactic. Peek-a-Boo.

My very first game in duos me and my friend managed to fight our way with common, poor weapons until the last 4 duo teams where in the smallest circle. Not having any weapons to compete both of us decided to hide in bushes until it was just us and another team. They had built a huge fort but kept looking over the walls to find us meaning we could pop at them with our measly weapons in the comfy shroud of our bushes. Unfortunately for us’ after killing one member’ the other decided they knew how to use a Rocket Launcher and blew me and my friend up.

For me however the best part about Fortnite’s iteration of Battle Royale is the Destroy and Build nature of it. Pretty much all structures are destructible and every player carries a huge pick-axe to be able to get the material from them so that they can build their own structures. The end game for most rounds comes down to a few players, or teams, building huge fortresses and fighting it out between each other and this is where this game really shines. Seeing players slugging shots at each other in huge ‘Sky Forts’ and fortresses is an exciting sight to behold especially when your in on the action!

Remember if you’re like me and seem to be good at shooting but not so much at building then it is acceptable to just find a nice juicy bush to sit in until the battle comes down to you and few more players.

The Glider becomes an Umbrella after winning a game mode
‘I’m Marry Poppins Y’all’ – Yondu Udonta, Planet Ego, 2014

Currently as the game is in Closed Beta they is no progression or rewards (your glider becomes an umbrella if you win in a mode) so when you play you really are just playing for fun right now. For me that really does sum up this game, i really am playing for fun! I have made many memories playing this game already and i am very excited to see what it finally becomes!

If this review has not persuaded you to play then the fact that it is Free-to-play should at least warrant it a try 😉 I assure you you will not regret it! Get some friends in a party and take it on.

Player free falling to the map.
Hmmmm all that loot!

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