Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Remasters an Oddity and Gives it Room to Breathe

When Final Fantasy XII first came out on the PlayStation 2, 11 years ago, no one knew what to do with it. Up until then, each game in the Japanese role-playing series had been like a reenactment of a ritual, one built and added to over years. The saga told personal, often melodramatic stories against background plots that all traveled the same general arc: You are introduced to the world, and via the intimate perspective of someone directly involved, you see that world unravel. Then you save it. Final Fantasy XII kept the franchise’s signature geopolitical conflict, but ditched the intimacy.

When a franchise becomes defined by a set of beloved traditions and repeated ideas, change is always a tricky proposition; FFXII felt like a breakdown of that tradition. Not an easy thing to handle for much of the gaming world. Now, digging into the game’s shiny new re-releaseFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which came to PlayStation 4 last weekit’s easy to remember why so many fans were…

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