Far Cry 6 Players Started Murdering Their Chauffeurs Out Of Frustration

Far Cry 6 developed by Ubisoft launched to so far mixed reception from the general audience. Among other issues, players are infuriated that the game adapted New Dawns scaling system. This resulted in a clip of a player unloading 4 rounds from a high-power sniper rifle, right into the head of a watchdog, before he finally went down. This reportedly happens with almost every common enemy. Another player commented that he started the game on the easiest difficulty setting to just enjoy the story. And he had a similar experience. It took 4 shots to the chest from the same high-power rifle to dispatch a common guard.

But the worst thing turned out to be friendly bots. Although to be honest, they do not seem that friendly. At any point in your adventures, you can call for vehicle delivery to not be stranded on foot on the enormous map of the game. But the problem is that the NPC delivering the vehicle to you will stand right in front of the drivers door, and prevent you from getting…

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