Elden Ring is a vast game that takes you through an enormous world brimming with history and lore, as well as tiny stories playing out all around you. But then there’s your story: the things you actually do in the game. You’re something called a Tarnished, and you’re told you have to get something called the Elden Ring, and that you want to become something called Elden Lord. There are people you have to kill to do that. Have fun.

The reasons you’re doing the things you’re doing are opaque, there’s not a lot of information on the people you’re fighting, and it’s extremely easy to miss the context of what’s going on in Elden Ring. That’s where this guide comes in. After playing the game for more than a hundred hours, reading and watching a host of lore deep-dives from various content creators, and consulting and working with GameSpot’s other Elden Ring obsessives, we’ve created a complete guide to what actually happens in Elden Ring. This is the story of you, the chosen Tarnished, as you journey through the lands between, face the demigods, and try to understand the machinations of cosmic forces beyond your control. There’s a lot more to Elden Ring than just killing huge bosses. Here’s everything you need to know to make sense of it.

Be warned, these articles are full of spoilers. It’s also worth noting that the stories of the Lands Between often interlock with one another, so while you can jump around to articles that concern a specific section of the game, we sometimes reference discussions from earlier parts–especially when it comes to characters like Marika, Miquella, Godwyn, and the Albinaurics.

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Author Phil Hornshaw

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