EGX Rezzed Indie Round Up

Now that EGX Rezzed is over we can all reflect on what an awesome event it was. Rezzed is fantastic to find new games that haven’t even hit the market yet. You are also able to chat to the developers and get an insight on how the game was made. Rezzed isn’t just about Indies though. There is careers hall, developer talks and even Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo were there. Here is our EGX Rezzed Indie Round Up.

Here is a round up of all the indie games we tested.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a detective RPG that has more than 30 hours of content. (At a minimum!). You dictate the outcome of the story by interacting with others in the game and making decisions. Make sure you solve the murder or you might find the story head in a different direction. 25 strong team their art director is a trained oil painter. Hence the artwork style. This game has been in development for 4 years now. Its definitely a game to try if you are a fan of RPG Detective games. As a dyslexic I would this game a more enjoyable way of reading. I could easily get immersed by the story and the interaction.

“A Detective book for dyslexics”

Out Q2 2018 on Steam. Then later on Switch and PlayStation.

EGX Rezzed Indie Round Up

Steel Rats

Steel Rats is a 2.5D Motorbike combat game. You play as 4 different characters and battle your way through each level fighting the enemy with various weapons and special abilities. Due to be release on PC & Console this is a wikid game for those who are looking for something a bit different. That TV robot in the trailer below… they had that at Rezzed. Pretty cool!

“Motorbike MAYHEM”


Claws of Furry

Claws of Furry is a fast paced 2D brawler. Up to 4 players can play as a ninja cat trying to save their ninja master. Their inspiration game from old school brawlers like Streets of Rage. The artwork was inspired by their artist who loves 80’s grunge looks & films from the 80’s. Out on Steam, Switch, Xbox One & PS4 very soon.

“Brilliant. fun. brawler”


Loot Monkey

Loot Monkey is a small 2D platformer game inspired by the older 8bit platformers. Playing as a monkey, ‘Dougie’ you must collect your masters loot from his estate. This is a great modern platformer with many levels to keep you entertained.

Loot Monkey should be released very soon on the Switch & PC.

“Brings 8bit platformer to 32bit”



Earthfall is a 4 player Coop alien killing FPS game. Currently out on early access on Steam you play as a survivor of an alien invasion. You must fight with your mates to help others and protect the human race. Some cool features in the game consist of being able to use 3D printers to make new weapons instead of loot crates. The other is similar to Rainbow Six Siege with building barricades.

“Alien killing fun with your mates”


Windlands 2

Windlands 2 is  VR game up to 4 players that must navigate towards a boss to defeat it. Swinging from trees like Spiderman you fly through the map. With its simple graphics and great locomotion you don’t get motion sickness. Although if you are not use to VR, it might take you a few seconds to get use to it! The artwork is all done by an ex Dreamworks artist and is inspired by low poly cartoons. Windlands 2 will be out exclusively on Rift and then later on other platforms.

“I feel like Spiderman”