During the Microsoft E3 press conference, The Coalition released new trailers for Gears 5 and revealed additional details about the game–including a new PvE mode called Escape. The developer also, surprisingly, announced a Terminator crossover for Gears 5, where you’ll be able to play as either the Terminator or Sarah Connor.

During our E3 2019 Gears 5 Stage Show (embedded above), GameSpot video producers Mike Mahardy and Lucy James asked The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson about the crossover. The rest of the interview covers the new Escape mode and how Gears 5 changes the traditional Gears of War formula.

“It was just one of those things where we’ve always been fans of the Terminator franchise and we’re here coming back with James Cameron and Linda Hamilton and we’re just very excited,” Fergusson said. “When you look at Sarah Connor as a character, she really resonates with us in terms of how we’re telling Kait’s story. Kait went from this outsider civilian into this warrior who’s trying to save humanity. It’s kind of the same story for Sarah Connor. And so this idea of bringing these two franchises together in a really cool way is exciting to us.”

In Gears 5, Sarah will be voiced by the actress behind the original character. “Linda is actually going to do the voice of Sarah Connor,” Fergusson said. To play as Connor or the Terminator, you must either pre-order Gears 5 or buy and play the game within the first week of its launch. Of course, that means if you’re a Game Pass subscriber, you qualify without having to buy the game. Just remember to download Gears 5 within the first week of its release.

Gears 5 is coming to Xbox One and PC on September 10.

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