Ahh the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the biggest event in the video game calendar. It will soon be upon us and the rumour mills are already in full production mode! My previous article was about what I would like to see from EA Play 2018 and this one is going to follow suit for E3. Let me start off by saying whilst I do mainly play Xbox they are also some PlayStation and Nintendo games I am very excited about. It is also going to be interesting to see if they are any hardware releases this year or whether it is going to be a full convention of games.

So lets kick it off…


I mean they have had a hell of a year in terms of gaming, the Xbox One has been dragging its heels behind the PlayStation 4 for quite some time but lately it seems Microsoft are making all the right moves to make that difference. The announcement surrounding Game Pass shook the foundation of console gaming and made, what I believe to be, the biggest move to a digital only gaming world since online gaming stores were created. I’m hoping they take that confidence into E3. Microsoft have announced that with collaboration from the organisers for the convention they will be hosting their E3 presence from Microsoft Theater which is just across the road from the usual location of the Convention Centre (LACC). They state this will be the ‘Biggest show yet’ but they will still have a presence at the LACC including a Mixer booth to watch and stream at E3. In a statement they said they wanted their own space to be able to bring more partners onto the stage and to bring even more fans into the experience, it seems this company is really making an effort for its fans.

The biggest announcement for Microsoft would typically be its flagship Halo series but 343i announced in a statement early last year saying they wouldn’t expect to see Halo 6 at E3, maybe a trailer at least? Personally I want to finally see where this Halo: TV Series is, announced back in 2013 with the reveal of the Xbox One it is apparently still in ‘active development’ but we’ve yet to see anything about it, its something the fans clearly want.

We can expect to see Forza at the event as they always are probably with a new Horizon 4 as well as Forza 8, to be honest I think Horizon has run its course yes it is a very fun game but can they really get more out of it now? Leave it at 3 and move onto something new. State Of Decay 2 will be the next big game to look at, I expect it to be playable as well which will be fun to see. Usually though Xbox manage to throw in some massive shockers each and every year so be prepared to be wowed.

State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2 is one of the biggest upcoming Xbox Exclusives.


They are a lot of eyes on Sony for this years conference. Last years conference was exciting and one hell of a show but it lacked any surprise, it was a pretty safe show. This year I really hope they throw some big surprises in there too! VR was a huge selling point for Sony over that past year and having played it myself it was pretty damn amazing. I really want to see more for the VR system, I want exclusive games and exclusive hardware to boot! They is a huge market for it and I feel they need to utilise that.

We know what we can expect game wise from Sony this year, personally I am most excited for the Spider-Man release! That and Horizon: Zero Dawn where the reason I bought a PS4. I want a release date and plenty of actual game play action! If it is anything like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on PS2 it’ll be amazing!

A lot of fans are going to be excited for The Last of Us: Part II which has been confirmed to be at the show. Maybe this year, after 2 previous E3 showings, we will finally get a release date and playable action from Days Gone? I remember feeling the excitement for this game last year but I feel it will soon loose its light. Microsoft made the same error with Scalebound. 

I hope that Sony announce some decent indie games this year, using their Japanese Studio, I am looking forward to some exciting announcements! One thing I will say is I seriously dislike it when people feel the need to compare Sony against Microsoft for these shows and I really hope people try to avoid that this year. There both making great games for great fan bases.

Spider-Man is my most anticipated PlayStation Exclusive.


Well Nintendo have had quite the year.. the Switch I would say is massively successful, personally I think its genius. Its only problem being that it is content starved! They really is not a lot out there to make it worth being the console every one wants, instead of making amazing exclusives they have been making cardboard attachments for the controllers, but I suspect Nintendo are going to massively change that this year! The main thing I would love to see released is some form of achievement system much like on Xbox or Trophies on Sony. They are a fun way to show of your collection and dedication to your friends.

However, we can’t really discuss Nintendo E3 2018 without mentioning the biggey, Pokemon Switch. Words can not explain how excited I am for this game, playing Pokemon on my huge flat screen TV with a completely new story using controllers and then having the power to even make that portable? It has to be an open world Pokemon game, its what the fans want and its something that I personally think Pokemon will suite quite well. Granted it will take a while to create the game but the wait would be worth it.

On top of Pokemon Switch though I think it is important that Nintendo start pumping out games designed for more than just families. Produce exclusives with exciting campaigns and branch out from the typical Mario, Zelda and Pokemon routes. They have amazing studios working for them and could create some truly fun games that you just want to rush round to your friends house and play. Here’s hoping to the true start of the Switch.

Pokemon Switch
Pokemon Switch should be the next big thing for Nintendo.


Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls! I seriously doubt it will happen since Bethesda announced it wouldn’t be until the next 2 big games had been released. I am very excited to see these next games though, if they bring some new IP’s to the conference that would be enough to whet my appetite. Makes you wonder what other beautiful worlds can they create? Other than the next 2 games they isn’t a huge deal known about their show, Bethesda like to keep their cards close to their chest.


Finally we have Ubisoft. I mean usually there shows follow the same pattern, they will have a section just for some form of dancing or sporting game. The game I am most excited for and I would wager most of E3 are excited for, is Beyond Good and Evil 2. When this game was announced the excitement was at breaking point within an instant! I would love to have some game play this year! I want the the first game to be bundled with the second the same way Fallout 3 was with Fallout 4!

The Division 2.
Despite the issues with the first game they are many fans excited for The Division 2.


This years E3 conference looks like it will shape up to be as exciting as every year to date! Be sure to tune in starting June 10th 2018. If they are any games that you are excited to see this year please do let me know in the comments or on our forums here!