Assassin’s Creed: Origins was finally announced today, after about a year of leaks that hinted at its existence. And alongside a gameplay demo that showed off its setting in Egypt (that you can watch above), we now also know that it’s getting a lot of special editions.

From a $70 Deluxe Edition to a $120 Collector’s Edition, the game has a number of different versions and bonus content. We’ve put together a breakdown of all of the different editions.

  • Preorder Bonus: Anyone who preorders any edition of the game will receive the Secrets of the First Pyramids mission.
  • Deluxe Edition ($70): Includes the Ambush at Sea naval mission and the Desert Cobra Pack, which features the Eye of Apep staff, the Legendary Snake Shield, the Desert Cobra Outfit, the Fangs Horse Companion, the Fang Sickle Sword, and three ability points.
  • Gold Edition ($110): Includes the Deluxe Edition content and the Season Pass.
  • Gold Steelbook Edition ($110): Physical only and includes the Deluxe Edition Content, the Season Pass, and a Steelbook case. This is not available for PC.
  • Gods Collector’s Edition ($120): Physical only and includes an art book, a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a 10-inch figurine of the game’s main character Bayek, a physical copy of the game’s map, and the Deluxe Edition content. This is not available for PC.

In addition, you can buy the Season Pass separately for $40. It comes with expansions and in-game items, although Ubisoft hasn’t talked specifics yet. We were able to go hands-on with Assassin’s Creed today, and you can check out our preview here.

The game launches on October 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it’ll feature special enhancements on Xbox One X. GameSpot will report on all the latest details on Assassin’s Creed: Origins as they’re announced, so check back often for all the breaking news. You can also read our roundup of all the news from the E3 2017 Microsoft press briefing here.


Author Alex Newhouse

Original Post by GameSpot

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