Especially if you’re playing on a harder difficulty, Doom Eternal‘s enemies are quite intimidating. Anything more than the lowliest of demons can often prove too much to stand toe-to-toe with, ensuring you stay on the move at all times. Eventually, a unique challenge appears in the form of the Marauder, who won’t hesitate to kick your ass. It’s great.

Partway into the game, you’re confronted with a showdown against the Marauder. The encounter feels like a one-off boss fight, both because of the preceding cutscene and because the way in which you deal with a Marauder is quite unlike anything else in the game. You can’t blast away or otherwise use standard tactics, as you can read about in our guide to beating the Marauder.

The tutorial window that pops up before this fight unfortunately gives away both the basic strategies (seriously, turn these tutorials off) and the fact that this isn’t likely the only Marauder you’ll face, but it’s a memorable encounter nonetheless. Marauders carry a shield that effectively deflects any damage, and they’ll switch up which attacks they use depending on how close you are; they also periodically summon a wolf companion to flank you and generally keep you from devoting 100% of your attention to the Marauder.

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Author Chris Pereira

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