Dome Keeper is gloriously horrible

Dome Keeper is a thrillingly bad time. You know this sort of game: claustrophobic, tense, mercilessly well designed. A sharp design. The best kind of awful.

At first, playing the recent demo, I was like: hey, this is SteamWorld Dig! Kind of. I’m on an strange planet, protected by a funny little dome. There’s a tunnel leading down, so down I go. I hit rock and start to drill. The rock breaks. Sometimes it contains gems, which I can haul back up to the dome to be processed. Sometimes I’m just making empty tunnels. The walls around me alive with possible riches. Where do I want to dig next?

Yes, this is SteamWorld Dig. Kind of. But then a buzzer goes off and, Oh god, what’s this? What it is, is horrible aliens attacking the dome! Shreds of malignant shadow jumping out of nowhere and smashing at the dome, sending out cracks. How long can it last?

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Original Post By – Eurogamer 

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