It’s launch day for the most-anticipated streaming service release ever. Disney+ has arrived, and there is plenty of cool stuff to check out. The only problem is that many people can’t access anything. Launch day for the streaming service is not off to a good start, with errors essentially rendering the app unusable.

While you can download the Disney+ app and even open it up, you may not be able to do much more than that with Disney+. Many people–including myself–are reporting error screens for Day One, and it’s been this way since the service launched around 12:30AM ET on Tuesday morning.

If you planned to take the day off to binge-watch all of Disney+’s programming or maybe you’re a journalist who started work early in order to pick through the contents of the service, you’re more than likely landing on a page that says “Unable to connect to Disney+. There seems to be an issue connecting to the Disney+ service. Please try again later if the issue persists.”

Provided you can make it past that point, you may still encounter issues. When attempting to stream anything, you may be met with a black screen or an error simply stating, “Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later.”

And yes, this is extremely frustrating when you just want to watch the brand-new Star Wars series The Mandalorian, which Chris E. Hayner got to review for GameSpot. In it, he said, “With its first episode, The Mandalorian has made a statement about what a live-action Star Wars TV show looks like. Now, with the remaining seven episodes in Season 1, it needs to make a statement about how a Star Wars plot should unfold over a longer form of storytelling.” Thanks for rubbing it in that you got to watch it, and we didn’t.

Obviously, with any new streaming service, there are going to be speed bumps. With this many people jumping onto a service–at the same time–the servers may not be able to handle everyone. Disney is a very large company, so this problem should be worked out sooner rather than later, I hope.

While writing this up, and refreshing on more devices than I’d like to admit, I got Disney+ to work on my Fire Stick and Android phone. I’m still having issues on my PC and iOS devices though. So for now, know the problem isn’t just you, it will be resolved, and have patience.

Beyond these server-based technical issues, other complaints have emerged–namely, that The Simpsons is displayed in widescreen, cutting off a portion of the frame. There’s also been an unexpected change to Star Wars’ “Han Shot First” scene.

Good luck to you on Disney+ launch day.


Author Mat Elfring

Original Post by GameSpot

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