One of the many ways in which Destiny 2 makes small but welcome changes to the original game concerns subclass upgrades. No longer do you obtain new abilities and skills simply by grinding away; something called Upgrade Points are now used to pick out precisely the things you want to unlock. But just because you have options for things to spend your Upgrade Points on doesn’t necessarily mean you should do so right away.

Upgrade Points are earned in a variety of ways, including completing Adventures, but the easiest way is by leveling up. Each level you earn rewards you with one Upgrade Point, but that point can be spent on any subclass–not just the one you’re currently using.

Once you hit the level cap, those Upgrade Points won’t be quite as easy to secure, and thus, unlocking everything in a given subclass eventually becomes a more time-consuming process. As a result, you should consider planning ahead and being frugal with your Upgrade Points.

If you know you’re excited to play a subclass that you won’t unlock until later, you would be well served to save some of those early Upgrade Points until you can dump it into your subclass of choice.

Destiny 2 is out now, and you can check out our early impressions in our review-in-progress. For much more, check out our roundup of everything you need to know about Destiny 2.


Author Chris Pereira

Original Post by GameSpot

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