Like the first Destiny (and many other games for that matter), the newly released sequel Destiny 2 lets you spend real money on a currency system called Silver. This takes place in Destiny 2’s Eververse Trading Company store, which becomes accessible at Level 20. The character Tess Everis operates the store again, and here is a breakdown of the cost.

Destiny 2 Microtransaction Pricing:

  • 500 Silver — $5
  • 1110 Silver — $10
  • 2300 Silver — $20
  • 5800 Silver — $50

Everis sells Bright Engrams, which are sort of like loot boxes from Overwatch. It works out to 200 Silver for one, three for 500, and five for 800. Decode them and you’ll earn special rewards like Exotic weapon ornaments, a Sparrow, emotes, or something else. As Polygon explains, there is a chance you could get an elemental weapon mod, which can affect gameplay and may be controversial because of that. Weapon stats can be “slightly” enhanced with these mods, and there are also armor mods and one for subclass abilities to make them regenerate faster.

Additionally, you can buy Destiny 2 emotes with Silver–and there are some cool-looking ones. For example, Spicy Ramen shows your character cooking and consumer spicy ramen while Flip Out displays your Guardian flipping a table over. There are also shaders, which has caused some anger among fans. Check out this video from YouTube’s DestinyOverwatch to see all the Eververse items you can buy now.

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Author Eddie Makuch

Original Post by GameSpot

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