Destiny 2 is already nostalgic for Destiny

I played a bit of Destiny 2 last night, and wow, there’s the Tower up in smoke. First thing, seconds into the game, and the whole place has been trashed, while gods – or humans who have ascended to some place near gods – are flung in every direction as space invaders move in. The Tower’s not a social area anymore, a downtime spot safe from the carnage. It’s a battleground now, crumpled and set aflame, filled with what look like bulky 40K Space Marine baddies who vent noxious fumes out of their necks when you pop their heads off.

Having played a few video games by now I am familiar with this trick: explosition, if you fancy. The early moments of a game often need to tell you a lot of information. They also want to provide a linear environment in which you can’t get lost as they teach you to crouch. They also want to show off the engine’s graphical powers. Explosition covers all of this stuff. Flames sharpen the sense of urgency, so you listen to the voice in your ear a little more intently. Rubble blocks off alternate routes. All of that smoke looks just lovely – how did they do it on aging tech? And before you know what’s what, a bit of the roof has come down so you have to crouch to get under it.

All the while, I was aware that I was missing out on something, though. I was aware that Bungie was delivering a message that I couldn’t receive with any clarity. Having never played the first Destiny, I couldn’t understand the impact of having the Tower so suddenly dismantled. I had to come into work the next day and chat over email with Tom Phillips, who it turns out had a far more emotional time learning to crouch.

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