Immediately after players starting noticing Crypto in Apex Legends, Respawn released a cinematic trailer detailing the backstory for the character. The developer also officially confirmed the hacker is the eleventh playable Legend in the battle royale game, coming to Apex Legends alongside a bunch of other content drops on October 1–the start date of Season 3.

The trailer, which can be watched above, begins with Crypto hanging out with his (presumably) sister, Mila Alexander. Upon discovering a strange security protocol in the database for King’s Canyon, Mila suggests to Crypto that she’ll use her new interface package to decrypt the file. Based on the symbol that pops up when Mila inserts her hacking software, we learn the program that Crypto has been using to hack into King’s Canyon these past few months hasn’t been his–it was made by Mila. The file the two discover turns out to be an algorithm that predicts who will win the next Apex Games, allowing someone to pull a wire scam while betting on future matches.

While Mila wants to use the algorithm for themselves to earn enough money to better their lives, Crypto thinks doing so would be too dangerous. Mila leaves and Crypto goes to bed. But when he wakes up, he hears on the news that Mila (who snuck back in after Crypto went to sleep and stole the algorithm) has been abducted and killed, and the Syndicate is already on its way to arrest her killer–which is being reported to be Crypto. Crypto escapes and vows revenge against those who framed him and ruined his life, choosing a new look to go incognito and outfit himself with cybernetic implants to better survive. This could explain Crypto’s attacks on King’s Canyon, as the Syndicate is the governing body responsible for creating, running, and moderating the Apex Games.

Crypto isn’t the only new addition coming to Apex Legends on October 1. The start of Season 3 brings with it a new battle pass, Meltdown, which adds over 100 new items to earn, including Legendary skins. The Charge Rifle, which is normally only used for killing Titans, is also being added and a new Ranked Series is being implemented for people who want to climb further up in the ranked leaderboards. Respawn writes that more specific details concerning Season 3 are “coming soon.”

Apex Legends is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Author Jordan Ramée

Original Post by GameSpot

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