Could Fortnite end The Great Console War?

I think at this point, every gamer has heard of Fortnite. It took the world by storm. I have played the game from the first day the beta was released. I don’t think any of us knew how quick it was going to blow up. If a zombie apocalypse were to occur and spread how fast Fortnite has, we would all surely be doomed.

It has been fascinating watching the game grow, but what caught my attention was when they announced cross-play. For those who don’t know what cross-play is, it allows players from different platforms to play together. So a person using a console can play side by side, with a friend who is playing on a PC. Those of you that already know about cross-play are probably sitting there, thinking well Fortnite isn’t the first game to have this feature implemented. “So why did it catch your attention?”

Well, my friends, you are correct. There are a few games that already have this feature, but none of these games could finally end the great console war. So it got me questioning, could Fortnite be the first game in history to unite consoles? Xbox and PlayStation players playing together! Some of you are probably thinking well this isn’t a big deal, but you can’t be any farther from the truth.

I’ve been a console gamer for the last 20+ years, I had the original PlayStation and ended up selling it to buy the original Xbox when it was first released in 2002, haven’t owned a PlayStation product since. This was the beginning of the great console war. I can remember being in school; someone would ask did you own a PlayStation or Xbox. Depending which they possessed and your answer could result in becoming friends or an argument. I hold my hands up and admit when I was younger I was one of these. I was a huge Xbox fanboy, I’ve had countless arguments with others about which console was superior.

Okay, let’s not leave out the “PC master race” before they cause a riot. Hate to tell you guys and gals, no matter how hard you sit flexing; you are irrelevant to console gamers. It’s like a teenager trying to join in with a couple of 5-year-olds arguing about which Pokemon is the best; you’re not going to alter their minds.

Right, time to snap out of the flashback. As you can see, there is a massive history of rivalry between these two consoles, and let’s be honest it must help with sales. Even now, you can go anywhere on the internet and still see people bickering over which console is better. I realised as I grew up, which platform we play on doesn’t matter, whether its console, handheld, PC or mobile. We all play games for one reason that is enjoyment. If one person enjoys playing a game on PC and another on Handheld, without diving into technical details, neither is better than the other because the main point is they are both enjoying gaming that’s what makes us gamers. The great console war needs to come to an end.

So could Fortnite really be the game to unite the consoles and make history? Well with how Epic has surprised us up to this point, I wouldn’t put it past them. Epic released cross-play for Fortnite last month, now all platforms can play together apart from Xbox and PlayStation. Epic is pushing for it, and Microsoft is pointing the finger at Sony why it’s not happening. A user on Twitter sent a tweet to Phil Spencer who is the head of Xbox at Microsoft, saying they would like cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation. Phil replied with “Me 2”. Then the Fortnite Twitter account also replied with “Me 3”.

So could Sony be the ones preventing this from happening?

Even if this is the case, at the moment, Fortnite is an unstoppable force. If any game can end this war, Fornite can, and that would be epic (Pun intended). If this was to happen, it could open up so many doors for consoles in the future. All we can do now is sit and watch how it unfolds.

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