Battle Royale expands with new contender

Ring Of Elysium Header
Battle Royale Ring of Elysium So the Battle Royale genre has become pretty flooded with games now, as the genre concretes itself as something thats...

Snapmaker 3-in-1: 3D Printer Review

In today's article, we're going to be discussing a nice piece of hardware in the 3D printing industry. I know that we usually post...

What should we expect from AR/VR’s gaming future?

AR/VR's gaming future
What should we expect from AR/VR's gaming future? Augmented and virtual reality devices are only just now reaching an age of both mainstream appeal and...

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series
Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series Following Nvidia releasing the RTX 20 series cards, many speculations and rumours have surfaced about the future of Nvidia’s old but...

rAge Gaming Expo October 2018

rage gaming expo
On the 5th to the 7th of October 2018, South Africa's annual premiere gaming and technology expo - the rAge Gaming Expo, was held...

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions
Mobile turn-based RPGs reimagined by BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions? Then... Considering the impact of video role-playing games nowadays, I am going to assume that you...

What do Twitch’s latest updates mean for streamers?

twitch tags
With the IRL & Creative categories out and Tags in, what do Twitch’s latest updates mean for streamers? Over the past seven years, Twitch’s rapid...

Battlefield V- Battlefield Negativity Review

Battlefield negativity review
Battlefield Negativity Review They are a lot of exciting games we are yet to experience this year with some of the most anticipated games to...

Battle Royale Genre Just Keeps Growing!

Different Battle Royale games
Battle Royale has absolutely soared as a genre since its official admittance to gaming in 2017, Fortnite has smashed expectations and records one after...

Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia Gaming Festival
Insomnia Gaming Festival So this past month I got my first chance to go to a gaming convention, Insomnia Gaming Festival i63 has just gone...

Pokemon – Switches newest arrivals

New Pokemon Games on witch.
Pokemon has been a huge part of pop culture ever since its release in the 90’s, originating as games and developing into many TV...

Microsoft hires ex God of War and Red dead staff for...

Microsoft hires ex God of War and Red dead staff for new studio
Perhaps what we're seeing is the foundations of their strategy for their next gen console. Sony have a huge head start, having acquired various developers over the years, who now have strong track records of making quality PS exclusives. Is this Microsoft re-shifting to get a strong start on the next level of gaming?

Death in Video Games, with a Metroid: Zero Mission review, too

Death in video games
Death in video games Before thinking about the topic of this article - Death - I just want to say: Wow. An hour ago, I...

No Man’s Sky finally gets fixed.

No Man's Sky finally gets fixed
No Man's Sky finally gets fixed If they is one thing gamers remember from the year 2016 it is the absolute shambles that was the...

Rockstar release Red Dead Redemption 2 game-play trailer

Red dead redemption 2 game-play
As I scan through my neatly curated stories from the magical land of the internet my eyes are drawn to something. It's something I've...

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