Superhot or Supernot?

Superhot Superhot Superhot. The name says it all. Do you like action games? Do you like FPS games? If so Superhot...

Star Wars Game to be made by Respawn is shaping up.

New Star Wars Game, Jedi Fallen Order
Respawn are making the new Star Wars game. It is no secret that since EA won the deal with Disney to produce...

Caffeine Lounge

The UK's Largest Esports Bar We have just announced that we are opening the UK's Largest Esports Bar in...

Apex Legends Season 1: Ramp up the hype!

Octane is the new Apex Legends Season 1 Character
Apex Legends has been a huge hit since it was released, with over 25 million players within 1 week of being released...

Respawn Entertainment launch Apex Legends

Apex Legends Banner
Battle Royale expands again, with a new game with a fresh take, Apex Legends! You may remember Respawn Entertainment to be the...

Battle of the Brands is back for another year!

Battle of the Brands title
The gaming industry has really come a long way over the past decade or two in more than just its processors and graphic quality....

10 Video Games Based on Movies That Are Surprisingly Good

10 Video Games Based on Movies That Are Surprisingly Good
10 Video Games Based on Movies That Are Surprisingly Good Video games based on movies are notorious for bringing shame and dishonour to the games...

Video Game Therapy: A New Way to Treat Anxiety and Depression

Video Game Therapy: A New Way to Treat Anxiety and Depression
Video Game Therapy: A New Way to Treat Anxiety and Depression There’s extensive research on the benefits of video games to treat anxiety and depression....

My Friend Dahmer Review – Sympathizing with Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer Made Me Sympathize with Notorious Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer If you’re unusually fascinated with the psychological aspects and characteristics of serial killers as...

Battle Royale expands with new contender

Ring Of Elysium Header
Battle Royale Ring of Elysium So the Battle Royale genre has become pretty flooded with games now, as the genre concretes itself as something thats...

Snapmaker 3-in-1: 3D Printer Review

In today's article, we're going to be discussing a nice piece of hardware in the 3D printing industry. I know that we usually post...

What should we expect from AR/VR’s gaming future?

AR/VR's gaming future
What should we expect from AR/VR's gaming future? Augmented and virtual reality devices are only just now reaching an age of both mainstream appeal and...

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series
Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series Following Nvidia releasing the RTX 20 series cards, many speculations and rumours have surfaced about the future of Nvidia’s old but...

rAge Gaming Expo October 2018

rage gaming expo
On the 5th to the 7th of October 2018, South Africa's annual premiere gaming and technology expo - the rAge Gaming Expo, was held...

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions
Mobile turn-based RPGs reimagined by BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions? Then... Considering the impact of video role-playing games nowadays, I am going to assume that you...

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