“What… another stick-sniper game?”

Nothing says “sniper game” like indiscriminately shooting 2D stick men. Seen it before right? like one of those flash games you play at 2:00 am on your favourite game site. Maybe in a boring school lesson where assassination seemed more appealing than fractions. Clear Vision Online.

Bring in Clear Vision. Do all of the above from the comfort of your mobile devices. Oh right, it’s been done on mobile devices… but not like this!

Clear Vision Online

“No… this time, I get to kill YOU!”

When speaking to Dan from Eldring Games, he phrased the project as a clash of clans sniper crossover. The developer explained you can expect all of the familiar base building aspects from other popular games. However, this time you’ll be on the ground taking out those dastardly stick men with your vicious rifle. And the best part? When raiding the base of a real online player, even when they’re not playing, you’ll be engaging in a heated 1-v-1 sniper battle. Let the best marksman win!

Clear Vision Online

Got guns?

With 93million possible combinations, customising weapons will never feel the same after playing Clear Vision. Each attachment looks entirely different and carriers a variety of benefits. There’s always a rifle combination which will suite a specific play style. Stealth assassin? Maybe you’ll consider using the pickle silencer. Or perhaps you want more pack for your punch, drop the stealth and favour fire power. There’s a crazy cache of authentic and outrageous gun parts that will make you feel like the Picasso of the NRA. When engaging enemy players, their character will be visible, complete with custom outfit and rifle. You’ll never see the same outfit twice!

Clear Vision Online

Clear Vision Online

Clear Vision Online

Fans of the stick men sniper game Clear Vision have been longing for the next installment in the series. That wait is soon over as the developer Eldring Games prepares to follow up their previous success with a groundbreaking new take on sniper game genre – Clear Vision Online.

The latest addition to the celebrated Clear Vision series is a unique Multiplayer Sniper game with strategy elements where taking out other player’s in their bases are the actual missions.

While you kick back in your base’s man cave, building your new rifle, or spending time trimming your 80s mustache, the guards you’ve hired are always on the lookout for anyone trying to ruin your groove.

Get brutal weaponry and powerful ammunition and use a mix of strategy and sniping skills to rise in the world assassin rankings.

Clear Vision Online is scheduled for launch during the second quarter of 2018.

Clear Vision Online

About Eldring Games AB.

Eldring Games is an independent game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2012, the company has been releasing sniper games that has been installed over 35 million times by player all over the world.

Everything started after the founder Dan Erhard Olsson survived a severe case of blood poisoning which forced him into a yearlong struggle until full recovery. During rehab, when he realized that many computer games were lacking engaging storylines, he decided to allocate all dedication from the ongoing soccer career to develop a more personal kind of game style that would evoke both excitement and laughs.

What started out as a way to make it through rehab has evolved into a passionate game development company that produces innovative & detail oriented games with a personal touch.


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