Are you a fan of atmospheric, dark, adventure platformer games such as Limbo & Inside? No? You’re a damn Liar! But if you are then great news! This Child Of Mine is the game for you.

This Child Of Mine is a recently released indie game currently in Early Access. So you can go check it out on Steam or IGDB. It’s still in development and has been over the course of 3 months by a 3 person team. As a result the game is fairly straight forward and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. But in those 15 minutes they really drag you in and give you a feel of what’s to come, without giving too much away.

Let me set the scene. An unknown woman with her child surviving in a world destroyed by an alien invasion. That sentence alone should sell it to you. Forced to struggle through an apocalyptic world, avoiding abduction, with the help of a comical alien parasite that has found its way into your mind, offering helpful advice whilst occasionally insulting you. The game itself includes small puzzles throughout which leads up to a short boss battle, followed by a game ending cliffhanger.

This Child Of Mine
End Game Boss Fight

Good Features?

  • Atmosphere – I’ve said before without atmosphere a game is dull and boring. The devs really sets the scene & mood with gorgeous hand drawn characters and environment. Not to mention the subtle sound effects.
  • Gameplay – Although it’s a little rough it’s what you’d expect in the early stages. But it’s playable, enjoyable and gives you an idea of what the game will become.
  • Story – There’s currently not an awful lot of story, but so far what they’ve given is captivating along with some funny dialog.
  • Writing – As mentioned the funny dialog. This comes from your alien ‘friend’ who will pipe up at points offering somewhat lighthearted, silly chat.
This Child Of Mine
In-game image (dialog)

Bad Features?

  • Movement – The walking animation is a little buggy and is also very slow. Whilst playing This Child Of Mine I felt like I needed to run a lot but instead found myself slowly walking out of danger.
  • Slow Paced – Feels like at parts you should be moving as fast as you can or trying to escape, but the game just carries on at the same pace like nothings going on.
  • Bugs – None are too major, but you get the occasional noticeable one. I’m sure they’re working on them though as it’s early access.

Is This Child Of Mine Worth It?

It’s currently free on Steam and only takes up 15 minutes of your time, and if you enjoy these type of games then yes it really is. It’s short, sweet and has a huge amount of potential. Although the game is short and a little rough the developers have a lot to be proud of. They’ve managed to deliver beautiful artwork creating the perfect atmosphere, decent and simple gameplay, alongside an interesting story line. All that created by 3 people and squeezed into 15 minutes is impressive. If you’re one of those that cant be bothered to download and try yourself then I recommend watching a playthrough instead.

Overall stumbling across this game worked out well. It was a fun experience and gave me something to look forward to. The developers now have a kickstarter which further explains their journey, their game and  they would appreciate all help received to continue the creation process. Hopefully all goes well, because along with many others i’m sure it’ll be a hit. So make sure to keep an eye out for this little gem in the near future.

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