Street Fighter Just Released a 30th Anniversary Documentary

In honor and celebration of Capcom’s recent release of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection they have released a three-part documentary directed by Joe Peter. The documentary features various legends from the fighting game community such as, Daigo Umehara, Victor Woodley, James Chen and even a cameo from Yoshinori Ono, plus many more. The three-part documentary showcases the true nature of the hardcore community, but also enlightens interested consumers of the vast community that admire and revere Street Fighter. Whenever the topic of conversation surrounds fighting games, Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter always get recognition without hesitation. The first part of the documentary highlights why Street Fighter is so beloved throughout the community. The second part features various interviews of professional gamers and dwells into the fascination and birth of the Capcom Pro Tour. The final part explores the next generation of upcoming newcomers who are establishing themselves in the vast realm of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Ryu vs Ken – Hadouken vs Shoryuken

Sub-Zero vs Scorpion. Apple Juice vs Orange Juice. h3h3Productions vs Matt Hoss. Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Such vicious rivalries have existed since Man decided that he had enough of being an ape and evolution was immediate. Ryu and Ken are childhood friends who train together to enhance their skill set. However, there’s a perpetual convoluted question that burns deep within our hearts; Who is the greatest fighter? Ryu or Ken? Part 1 distributes that very question to the community, discover who is the declared winner.

Street Fighter 3: New Generation. The Bizarre and the Wonderful.

Branded as the more obscure game of the franchise. Street Fighter 3: New Generation involved more intricate mechanics and bizarre characters with unfamiliar fighting styles that people couldn’t resonate with. Nonetheless, the hardcore community embraced the game.

30th Anniversary of Street Fighter
Oro: He binds one arm while fighting, to keep from accidentally killing his opponent, except when performing specific special arts

So, what makes Street Fighter so good?

Street Fighter’s initial release was in 1987, yet it’s still the forefront of the fighting game genre. Even if you haven’t played Street Fighter, you are still familiar with the famous “Hadouken!”. Perhaps it’s the accessibility, the nostalgia, the mentality or the emotion that makes Street Fighter so good. It’s the essence of competitiveness.

A wide variety of emotions are embraced when your chosen character is standing across from your opponent. The tension of the countdown, the mentality and thought process to out-play your opponent. The eagerness to finally win the match when their health bar has almost diminished or the sheer heartbreak when your opponent makes a comeback you could never dream of. The adrenaline rush and satisfaction when you are declared victorious. For a 99 second round, that’s a lot of emotions to endure. There’s also the extensive roster inhabiting characters that players relate with from all over the world, Russia, Brazil, Thailand and even the Aztec Empire.

Anyway, I’ve blabbered enough, enjoy the remainder of the documentary below.

30th Anniversary of Street Fighter


Fun Fact, professional wrestler Kenny Omega inhabits a vicious move within his extensive arsenal called V-Trigger.

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