10 of the most fun Skyrim Mods out there all in one convenient list.

The front cover for Skyrim

We all love Skyrim, especially us here at Caffeine Gaming, so i decided its about time i constructed a list of my favourite top 10 mods. In the name of Gaming News, this is your insight into my weird Skyrim Adventures.


Skyrim was originally released back in 2011 and captured many gamers hearts, so much that it warrantied a remastered edition for the new generation of console in 2016. The remastered edition of the game, named Special Edition, came with access to mods.

Mods are wonderful things, where you can change, add or remove things in the game by changing the code. People create these mods for the community and ultimately your own imagination is your main restriction, so lets crack on and see what amazing things the Skyrim community have created. In no particular order, here are my 10 favourite mods:

10. The staff of Sweet Rolls

Because who doesn’t want the power to turn people and creatures into Sweet Rolls?
This mod is pretty self explanatory with the title, it is a staff that turns whatever you attack with it into a savoury Sweet Roll. That nasty guard harassing you for stealing? Turn him into a delicious treat. That begger frustrating you asking for money? Give him his just desserts.

9. Changing dragons into things

Dragons are a huge part of the Skyrim story so it would be crazy for the moders to ignore them. They are plenty of mods out there to change them into different things but this one changes them into none other than legendary wrestler, Randy Savage. Its actually kind of creepy. However, this leads me into the next mod…

8. Changing dragons into trains

That’s right, no mod list would be complete without a Thomas the tank engine thrown in there! Some moders have gone all out and changed the dragons into trains from the Thomas series. It is quite a Freightening (see what i did there?) thing to see a massive Thomas the Tank landing on your head breathing fire.

7. Death of the arrow in the knee

Okay so i think it is fair to say this joke has been, slammed into the ground and pulled through the mud which the amount it was overplayed. Personally, i still like a good quote of this every now and again but for those who are sick to the teeth with being mocked by the Whiterun guards this is the mod for you. I find this one to be genius, whenever a guard states they took and arrow in the knee stand back and watch them get smitted down by an all mighty powerful god. The best bit yet, is that due to it not being you killing the guard you can then loot all the bodies! Just stand around in Whiterun and wait to loot all the riches after the rapture.

(At the end of the video)

6. Explosive Chickens

Honestly i have never seen anything more protected than chickens in Skyrim, there like gods to the people. So much as look at a chicken to long and people will be looking over at you itching to draw their swords on you, and don’t even think about punching one. Despite the imminent risk of death you still get the urge to do it though right? if the answer is yes then wap this mod on and watch the chaos commence.

5. Posh Mudcrabs

Like the dragons they are plenty of mods for the Mudcrabs. Although they are not really involved with the Skyrim storyline they are another creature loved by all. Out of all the mods out there, i had difficulty trying to narrow my favourite one down. It was a toss up of the one that makes the crabs Alduin size, and the one that gives them a top hat, monocle and spiffing attitude to boot.

4. Play as a dragon

Okay in a game that is dominated by dragons as protagonists i find it completely insane you don’t get to play as one. Well my prayers were answered with this mod as it allows you to play as a dragon. As awesome as the riding dragons addition of the Dragonborn DLC its go nothing on this.

3. 50 dragons attack

Did you ever watch Lord of the Rings and want to be involved in one of those huge fight scenes? Well this mod adds 50 dragons attacking one area at any one time and let me just tell you now, it is crazy! Just stand on top of the roof and laugh manically as you let loose the mighty dragon war! muhahaha

2. Lightsaber mod

Being the massive Star Wars fan that i am, this would not be a complete list without this mod. This mod is really one that gets created for any game that uses swords, lightsabers are just so satisfying and pretty to use. Want to watch the rebellion crumble under your sith saber? or defeat the empire with the help of trusty green? This is a mod for any Star Wars fan.

1. Fus Roh Dance

I just find this one to be hilarious. Despite the fact that i never use Fus Roh Dah once i’ve gained the fire breath shout this gives me reason to come back to it. With this mod every time you use the shout Fus Roh Dah it will cause anyone it hits to dance the night away! Want to make those annoying group gatherings more fun? Shout away. Everybody dance now!