Mobile turn-based RPGs reimagined by BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions?


Considering the impact of video role-playing games nowadays, I am going to assume that you are familiar with games like the Witcher, Dragon Age, or Mass Effect. They are truly amazing experiences, but in that, they are also quite time consuming. BattleRise Kingdom of Champions

On the other hand, there are mobile RPG alternatives, the so called collectible turn-based strategy games, which vary from one title to another. In recent years, they were constantly growing their popularity and fan base. Games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Summoners War: Sky Arena climbed their way to the top, while other similar games tried to just thrive on their success.


With that in mind, I have recently discovered BattleRise, another mobile rpg, or so I thought… First to what I seen, this game isn’t likely to revolutionise the whole rpg genre, but from the perspective of media and text content that their creators are spreading across the web, it definitely looks ambitious and promising.


BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions promises to uphold values common to its successful predecessors like collecting characters, competing in 1vs1 arena battles, playing story line chapters and guild events. Though at the same time, they also promise to firmly reinforce them.

In raids for example, the players are said to impact future bosses that come around next time, based on beating specific thresholds of damage. In story line campaign, they promise to keep adding its new chunks over time to increasingly expand their deep fantasy universe. These ideas behind focus on keeping the game on the move, so BattleRise in itself can feel alive.

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions

In overall, it is said that this game will include “endless hours of action-packed experience” accompanied by “compelling characters and sensible reward acquisition”. Will it really? As for this moment, promise is all we get, but given what I saw and read so far, I am definitely going to give it my benefit of a doubt and sign up for beta before its release (Q1 2019):

If you are interested, you can learn more about BattleRise at:

BattleRise Kingdom of Champions

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