Battlefield Negativity Review

They are a lot of exciting games we are yet to experience this year with some of the most anticipated games to come out over the October- November months.  The game I am most excited for this year is Battlefield V, I have been a huge fan of the series since Battlefield 2142 on PC but I have to admit even though the previous game was a massive success I did not find myself obsessed with it the way I was with Battlefield 4. With that said Battlefield V has received some uncalled for negativity and I would like to create an article that provides the facts on this upcoming game. Battlefield negativity review.


So first things first, why has the game received negativity?

Well this firstly stemmed when the game was announced back at around E3 this year, the trailer was released and was designed to show off the destructive power and manoeuvrability along with the visuals of the game. In the trailer they was a women soldier who had what appeared to be a hook for a hand, which was followed with the announcement that it is possible to play as a female during the game. The idea of this alone divided communities with some stating it is ‘historically inaccurate’ that women fought on the front line during World War 2 and other stating why does it matter? My own two pieces on the matter is exactly that, DICE state the game is influenced by the true events but its exactly that, a game. It’s about time we were able to play as a female on these shooters and quite frankly it should have been done on previous games.

On top of this the closed alpha and even open beta for the game had quite a few technical issues that caused majority of subreddits to be negative surrounding the game. All this negativity has led to the game being delayed by a month, it now comes out on the 20th November. Personally I think people started the negativity train on the game regarding the female playable characters issue and its difficult for a company to change the direction of that train once its rolling. I mean just look at the comment section of the above video.


So what’s new and exciting about this Battlefield that makes it stand out?

Combat Roles

Combat Roles are a new and exciting way to specialise your current class. Each of the classes on the game have their own combat roles that provide two traits. Each class will receive two Combat Roles at launch with one equipped as default and the other being unlocked by playing. Apparently more are expected to release as a part of the Tides of War expansion. I like the sound of this but it does sound suspiciously like Perks from Call of Duty, I hope there not to overpowering for the classes.

War Stories

This is effectively Battlefields campaign, once upon a time back in the days of Battlefield 3 and 4 campaigns were renound for being pretty bad for battlefield however with the previous instalment Battlefield 1, War Stories was created which follows different stories of certain characters that tell the story of the War. In Battlefield V DICE have advised that they believe the story of WW2 has been told to many times and they want to concentrate on the less famous but still rather important events of the war. This game has 5 war stories named: Prologue, Nordlys, Under No Flag, Tirailleur and The Last Tiger War. It’s the last one that sounds the most intriguing to me, I do enjoy that Tiger tank.


So Battle Royale has been taking the world by storm for a few years now and AAA studios are now jumping on the train and developing their own version. For Battlefield this is what they call, Firestorm and it looks like it is shaping up to be a truly unique option. With the biggest map in Battlefield to date and vehicles including tanks its standing to be an explosive entry into the Battle Royale genre. This is what I am mostly excited to experience with the new game.

You can check out the latest article discussing the new CoD variant and the Firestorm here.


DICE is promising its most dynamic multiplayer yet and Fortification is the biggest change for the game. DICE have always pushed the limit when it comes to huge maps and what you can do on them within the first person shooter genre. The destruction in Battlefield alone is a sight to behold and completely changed the industry and genre.

This time for Battlefield, DICE have stepped it up one more level and introduced Fortification within the game. Inside a house that’s been near enough destroyed? throw some sandbags and bared wire up to make it a defensive outpost. Trying to defend the centre of a town? Create some tank traps to halt the enemies advance. With the new fortification system in place all 4 classes have access to new build tool to enabling them to truly dig in and make a defensive position. Whilst all classes can contribute, the system works brilliantly with the support class as its been rebuilt to work with the new system best. I am so damn excited to see how this effects game play, it sounds like a complete game changer for the genre.

All in all the game is looking like its shaping up to be the biggest and best Battlefield game to date, on top of that it looks like yet again the FPS genre is going to be redefined. Yes the game has had a lot of negativity but its not entirely called for and by the sounds of it DICE are working extremely hard to fix technically issues, listen to feedback and make the game as good as they know it can be. I am keen to know your opinion on the game if you have tried so please drop me a comment below!