Battle Royale has absolutely soared as a genre since its official admittance to gaming in 2017, Fortnite has smashed expectations and records one after the other and PUBG is making a very swift come back. It’s very clear that Battle Royale is here to stay and as if to cement that point to home, Call of Duty and Battlefield have announced there own versions of the game mode. Call of Duty have even recently had a private beta for theirs. In this article I will go through these different versions and discuss possible future games.


Call of Duty’s Battle Royale: Blackout

Activision outsourced the making of Blackout to Raven Software and it is basically there answer to Fortnite. I say Fortnite and not PUBG because its obvious from the second you’re launched on the map they have taken a lot of influence from Epic’s smash hit and to be fair why wouldn’t they? I think it is only fair that I point out I haven’t been a fan of Call of Duty since the Modern Warfare series came to an end so its fair to say I went into playing this beta expecting to be very critical and find a reason to not enjoy it. Sadly, I was quite delighted with my experience.

Firstly I found the game to be easy, now I don’t mean to sound big egoed with that statement because they could be many reasons why I do and that’s literally just my experience with it. After playing endless games of PUBG it is a massive change to be able to run and jump about a smaller map with plenty of fully auto firing weapons which is why I find it easy. To me its Fortnite without the building mechanic which suits me perfectly since I can’t build for crap, I am glad they have managed to ensure it still has its own Call of Duty style.  The weapons are straight out of the multiplayer game and the map is about as big as the Fortnite map which is impressively big for Call of Duty, but on top of this the map is full of vehicles including trucks, quads and helicopters to use (though they are all unarmed) and they are even certain sections of the map that have zombies on them! This really is Battle Royale COD style and I can really see this making its own mark on the e-sports and gaming world.

I do however feel like the game should be offered separately, I have absolutely no interest playing Black Ops 4 but I would love to be able to frequently play Blackout but I can’t without purchasing the game for £60? Cut that price in half and sell it separately with an event pass and you have a new market Activision.

Battlefield’s Battle Royale: Firestorm

Okay so they hasn’t been a beta or in fact much information released on DICE’s Battle Royale yet but I already feel like I cant wait! I just feel like the idea of a battle royale mode that has tanks involved that can level houses in seconds is too much excitement to contain! Much like its competitor DICE has delegated the job of creating the game mode to Criterion Games and whilst all we have seen is a slight clip on the end of a trailer and some snippets of information it sounds like its shaping up to be an entirely new way to play battle royale.

DICE very recently announced an article that stated some very interesting facts for its game mode named Firestorm. Below is a list of everything we currently know.

  • Firestorm Objectives: Firestorm will have several types of objectives which will operate similar to those in Conquest mode. They will have varying types of supplies, weapons and vehicles.
  • Use powerful vehicles: Yeah that’s right you get to use a tank on battle royale, the mighty Panzer tank as well!
  • Play on the biggest Battlefield map to date: Now this is impressive by Battlefield standards, the maps are huge anyway!
  • 64 players with 16 squads: Currently they doesn’t sound like they is a solo or duos mode just 16 squads of 4.
  • Matches are tied to your company and Battlefield V progression: Playing the game mode levels up your multiplayer character as well.

All in all it sounds like a completely brand new take on battle royale, I do feel concerned that it may just become a race to which squad can get the tank first but DICE have stated that even though a squad may have the tank they are far from invincible and a squad must ‘measure risk versus reward if you challenge other squads to secure the battlefield’s most fearsome hardware’. That sounds extremely intriguing to me and makes me wonder what else could be lurking on the battlefield waiting to be used.

Pre-ordering Battlefield V enables players to get the Firestorm Ranger set which consist of goggles, light battle fatigues and the MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger to use not only in this game mode but across the whole of Battlefield V.

Future Battle Royale games

Taking a quick look at two of the most exciting Battle Royale games that have been announced with their own take on the genre.

Rapture Rejects

Fans of the much loved Cyanide and Happiness comics will love this one. Galvanic Games has created its on battle royale experience that’s completely new and different. Based on a world that has been left to its own devices after the rapture you are one of the rejected left to fight it out. Whilst it follows the same recipe of a 100 player deathmatch to be the last man standing the game is played top down and has its own unique style. The game is currently in preorder and doing so allows you to play the alpha on weekends from Friday 12PM PST to Monday 10AM PST.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

This looks to be the most ambitious battle royale game to date. With a look that’s very similar to PUBG and game play that seems that way as well, what makes this game stand out is purely the scale of it. With a 400- player match scale it stands to be verging on the edge of MMO territory with the developers hoping to add a hub city names the capital. This sounds like PUBG on steroids.

I’m loving the way Battle Royale is shaping up as a genre and I’m eager to see where else it ends up, check out our other Battle Royale article here! Let me know you’re opinions in the comments below or on our forums.