Battle Royale Ring of Elysium

So the Battle Royale genre has become pretty flooded with games now, as the genre concretes itself as something thats here to stay, more and more games are releasing their own version of a Battle Royale. You can check out an article relating to the biggest battle royale games here. Even in this diluted arena of new battle royale games there are still only 3 main contenders to rule the roost. PUBG, Fortnite and Blackout. Who came first, who copied who, which ones better… no matter what the debate the simple fact is battle royale is ruled by these 3 games throughout the gaming industry. Plenty of games have attempted to become a part of the elite with only Blackout succeeding so far and personal I think it all comes down to giving a different feel to the game mode if you want a hope in doing so. I think this next game has managed that and after playing it I hope it manages to get that top spot and gets a console release to boot! Battle Royale Ring of Elysium.

Battle Royale Ring of Elysium

Battle Royale Ring of Elysium





So the game I am talking about is: Ring of Elysium. It’s a re-development of an earlier game named Europa and it brings its own little adaptation of the genre which I hope earns it a spot alongside the top 3. It has been out for little while now but is picking up traction with streamers and gaining more players daily. In Ring of Elysium, sixty people are trapped on a snowy mountain which is being assaulted by a snowstorm called Ymir. The survivors have to aim to get to a rescue flight which can only save up to four people. Survivors have to loot and fight to get one of these 4 spots on the chopper and escape the devastating storm. Players are also equipped with specialised gear to help them traverse the mountain faster/ more effectively than on foot.

They are a lot of differences with this game which I am going to discuss below and you can make up your mind on whether it sound likes its worth a try or just another attempt soon to be forgotten in the shadow of the elite three.

Spawn System

One of the biggest differences with Ring of Elysium compared to majority of other Battle Royale games is the spawning system. Usually in this genre players would jump out of some vehicle as it progresses in a line over the map at random points each round. On Ring of Elysium you simply pick where you want to spawn onto the map and just spawn… you can even see where other people have spawned to see where you want to start. This is an idea I am in half minds about, one part of me thinks it takes a complete aspect of the genre away, seeing a whole bunch of other people parachuting down to the same spot as you can be very satisfying or terrifying in a game. The other side of me likes the idea as it means you’re into the game a lot quicker and looting instantly, the whole motion of the game starting and the plane going across the map and you parachuting out can take a while which is not suitable for players who die often.

Player Load outs

Another new feature included in Ring of Elysium is player loadouts. The main thing these load outs gives players is a new way to traverse the mountain map, they are three load outs to choose from which gives players a glider, snowboard or climbing axes which are meant to be used to help layers get around the map but in reality it seems theres only special specific areas where these tools are useful so there frequently forgotten about. I had a go with the snowboard and found it very useful for riding down the mountain but it can get pretty fast making it a bit hard to control. The loadouts also give players a basic pistol and some bandages, personally I like the idea of the loadouts as it means firefights can happen straight of the bat and every person is on the same footing from the off. The transport modes each have their own advantages and disadvantages but ultimately for the time being just end up being forgotten.

Player Gliding in Snow on Battle Royale Map
The Glider Load out.
Player on swowboard on Battle Royale map
The Snowboard loud out.


Battle Royale Realism

I love the idea of making the Battle Royale experience real. The only thing that doesn’t have a real explanation in the game is why the loot is everywhere but making the ‘storm’ and actually snowstorm where characters will die from freezing and hypothermia when being left in it to long is a great way to add realism to the oncoming danger zone. You really do feel like you’re fighting for survival in a setting where everything looks like its freezing over. On top of this the storm can clearly be seem to change certain regions of the map into frozen wastelands as the game progresses. The rescue helicopter is another stroke of genius for realism in my eyes. It adds an actually end to the game that can physically mean survival, why would up to 100 players jump into a map where ultimately they will die from a danger zone that will engulf the entire map? With no chance of escape even if you do kill everyone? Granted games like PUBG and Fornite don’t really need to have that much realism but I think its a really nice addition to the game really.

Frozen deer on Battle Royale map
The map is a beautiful snow wasteland in areas.


So as we divulge even deeper into a world where micro transactions are as big a part of gaming as levelling up, each Battle Royale game typically has a pass you can purchase to allow you to unlock more rewards as you play. Ring of Elysium is no different in that regard, you can get rewards by playing for free or you can purchase the Adventures Pass and gain extra rewards. The thing that sets this pass apart though is the actual characters you get to play as by purchasing the pass. I like the idea of having actual characters you can play as and personally I like the look of them. Not only do you get better rewards and more customisation options but you get to unlock 3 awesome characters! It seems each season they will be more playable characters you can unlock which also adds a little Overwatch feel to the games (Without the abilities). These characters are called Icon Characters and I’m already looking forward to playing as Lynne!

The Icon Characters for Ring of Elysium Battle Royale
The 3 Season 1 Icon Characters.

Game modes and events

Along with seasons and passes each battle royale game also has limited time modes and events that are used to help bring more players into the game and give players chance at 1 off unlocks and rewards. Ring of Elysium also has some awesome game modes coming this holiday season. Whilst information is sparse on these modes we know that the 2 that are suppose to be coming are called: Takedown and Conflict. They have also announced a night time game mode which I think is a rather interesting aspect.

The game is not without its issues but it is in Early Access and its doing a decent job if it too! I played PUBG in early access and it certainly was not a walk in the park, like all other Battle Royale games Ring of Elysium just needs to get the player base to allow it to make meaningful twerks to the game to allow it to reach a good level of competition. I really think this game has the potential to join the other games with making a decent mark on the Battle Royale genre. Please let me know your opinions on the comments below or over on our forums page!