The gaming industry has really come a long way over the past decade or two in more than just its processors and graphic quality. Charity events have become a huge part of the gaming industry raising hundreds of thousands at certain events and this year has already seen one of its biggest events take place. Battle of the Brands is a charity event hosted by ESL and Intel where 4 big PC brands go head to head in 5 different games to raise money for a special charity called Special Effect. This event has been massively successful and will hopefully inspire people to help out even more! This article is a run down of what happened with detail into each game played, if you only want to see the winning table and total donation amount skip to the end! So this is Battle of the Brands 2019.

Battle of the Brands Competitors:

PC Specialist

Ben ‘Benno’ Wilson
Jonny ‘J-Simple’ Stannard
Mark ‘Binlark’ Bradley
Danny ‘Taek’ Wan
Joel ‘Xocliw’ Wilcox

Ebuyer Gaming

Elliot ‘Skidder’ Allen
Alex ‘Alex’ Watson
Steve ‘J.T.B’ James
Lee ‘Fusionz’ Newsome
Darius ‘Pheo’ Gegeckas
Ross Herring

Scan Computers

Jess ‘Rage Darling’ King
Ramesh Singh
Sam Morris
Senad Sarcevic
Mirzat Sarcevic


Richard ‘Richard’ Hillier
Andy ‘Hakks’ Dawes
Shannon ‘ShannonKeatingX’ Keating
Blayne ‘Coach’ Brown
Rodney ‘Wookie’ Critchlow

It was a meaty line up with a lot of big stars from Twitch and last years Battle of the Brands was won by Scan who are positive they can pull off the same thing again!

CoD: Black Ops 4

The first game up was Hardpoint on Black Ops 4. To begin with Box thought against Scan and it was a pretty close first game with a give and take attitude coming in to begin with were Scan would gain a point and make  some gains but then Box would return with the next point. Scan soon made a decent chunk of a lead by jumping on the points quickly and defending well by using the abilities like bard wire and traps. It seemed that Box had its confidence knocked in the first round with Scan beating Box by almost 200 points. Round 2 started with pretty much the same situation, Scan jumping on points quickly and defending well ending up with over 100 point lead within the minute. By the end of the first game Scan had wiped the floor with Box and they was no coming back in Black Ops 4 for Box unfortunately.

Scan score on black ops 4 Battle of the Brands
Scan wipe the floor with ease!

Next round was PC Specialist against Ebuyer and Specialist came out pretty strong! PC Specialist made a habit out of covering all angles on points but Ebuyer made a decent effort of sticking as a team. Like previously with Scan, PC Specialist made a great use of the traps and bared wire slowing Ebuyer down massively. Before long though PC Specialist had huge 100 point lead before Ebuyer started getting some points on the board. PC Specialist pulled in the first round significantly well. Round 2 goes ahead and PC Specialist came running out the gate jumping on points and dominating in kills. This was a pretty well one sided match and resulted in Ebuyer loosing pretty swiftly.

Black Ops 4 Battle of the Brands
PC Specialist take a quick lead.

So thats the group stage down and dealt with, meaning the final is PC Specialist versus Scan Computers- both teams dominating their competition in their rounds!

The final was a decent game, Scan took the lead but it was a close game with only 1 hardpoint difference between the score but before long Scan had rounded up the game with nearly 200 points difference. Rage Darling dominated this game by leading the team with most kills and least deaths, round one ended with her at just under 30 kills and less than 10 deaths. Now Scan had the freedom of having the first round down. Yet again Scan came rushing out the gate and pulled in nearly 150 points before the first minute was up. It would seem that Scan, much like last year, would dominate Black Ops 4 and take the win very easily.

Black Ops 4 Winner: Scan Computers (3 Points)

Cod Black Ops 4 image Battle of the Brands


Overwatch was the next game to compete with a best of 3 elimination mode. Scan took a team in with heroes supporting healing helping them win the first round. Ebuyer fought back and won the next two rounds with putting up a decent attack against Soldier 76 and Bridgette. Ebuyer manage to sweep the next round thanks to the heavenly Pharrah and Mercy combo. Scan managed to pull 3 rounds back effectively with some good hero match ups leaving the last round to be a fight for the last round. After a round of chaos fought in the tomb Scan manage to pull of the ultimate win by playing aggressively.

Next game and PC Specialist take on Box who are yet to win. A lot of tank heroes were played in this first round making it look quite even as neither team manages to get kills until the capture area came up. PC Specialist set up well on the point with Winston setting up a shield with Bastion to sit inside and just rip people up in sentry mode leading to the first round going to PC Specialist. Next round and the previous tactic is used by Box this time- If it works why not eh? And PC Specialist uses the well tried Mercy and Pharrah combo but unfortunately can not beat Box. PC Specialist decide to go with a pharmacy strategy and use a lot of healing combos but Pharrah rains hell and eliminates a lot of players giving Box the win for the round.

Now PC Specialist pull out Reindhart with McCree and manage to decimate the competition resulting in giving them the win for the round. Now we are on 2 all for the next round, Mercy, Reaper and Mei versus Hanzo, Soldier 76 and Roadhog make it an interesting match up. Soldier and Hanzo manage to keep them at arms reach and kill them off giving PC specialist the win as we go into the next round. Box pull out Mercy, Ashe and Reindhart for their next round and its a match up in heaven with the shield protecting Ashe as she shoots from range and Mercy keeping them both alive. Now we in 3 a piece. PC Specialist make a push for the point straight off and the round ends up being Winston versus Roadhog who comes out on top giving Box the win. This is it, Box 4 and PC Specialist 3. Box could win a game. Junkrat, Lucio and Reaper against Moira, Widowmaker and Winston. Reaper rips up Widowmaker and Winston swiftly and Moira puts up a hell of a fight but ends up failing. Box have now won a game!

Battle of the Brands Pharrah with Mercy support
Scan utilize Pharmercy combo.
Box Battle of the Brands
Box are uneasy after 4 rounds lost to Scan.






The final- Scan versus Box. Reindhart and Bastion are played again by Box and Scan challenge it with Roadhog. Reindhart does not stay with Bastion for some unknown reason and gets wiped by Roadhog leaving Bastion with no shield. Scan wipe out the other two and get the first round win. Next round and Winston and Bastion by Box this time, again a shield for Bastion to use. Anna is on Scan which can provide essential long range healing. Scan let Box come to them and Winston is the first to fall to Reindhart who quickly follows up by eliminating the other 2. Mercy on both sides for this round but Scan loose theirs fairly quickly and Box’s provides some brilliant healing but gets wiped out by Junkrats ultimate. Box manage to hold ground and kill the rest of Scan off for the round win.

The next round is intense and closely fought but Scan pull out a pharmercy and wipe out Box very quickly. 1-3 Scan, both teams have but Lucio and Reaper for Scan and Soldier 76 and Bridgette for Box. The game ends up being closely fought and Scan have the better close range heroes giving them the round. Possible final round and Scan lead by 4 points to 1. Reindart tries to pin but ends up missing and gets wiped by all players on Scan who swiftly kill the rest with no shielding giving Scan the win all around!

Overwatch Winner- Scan Computers (3 points)

Overwatch Line up Battle of the Brands

Soul Calibur 6

Lest get straight into this one! First round, Nightmare for Ebuyer versus Maxi for Box. Maxi brings down Nightmares health but he gets his terror possibly giving up a chance but Maxi kills him before the chance is taken, Box takes the first round. Next round and hit by hit each player gets on each other frequently but Maxi gets the upperhand again and takes the second round. For the third round Maxi just eliminates Nightmare very quickly and gives Box the third round as well. Next round and Ebuyer go with Ivy and Box stick with the tried and tested Maxi. Ivy has one hell of a reach and gets a few of those hits in but Maxi parries and wipes her out effectively with Ebuyer not using the block button at all. Next round and its pretty much one hit on one and one hit on the other making it an even game until a cheeky nunchuck from Maxi squeezes the last life out of Ivy. The final round and Maxi just annihilates Ivy giving Box all the 6 rounds and finally winning a game!

An interesting game next Scan against PC Specialist. So Scan go with Mitsurugi and PC Specialist go with Siegfried. Both characters have amazing combos and both use them a lot but Siegfried uses a throw and pulls out the round win. Scan try to parry back with combos on the next round and after a few hits manages to kill Siegfried. This round we get both ultimate soul charge hits for the teams as Siegfried wipes out a huge chunk of health of Mitsurugi but Scan retaliate with their own metre attack and kill Siegfried! For the next round Siegfried goes on the attack constantly and gets the win swiftly.

Final round now and Mitsurugi uses his soul charge but only takes a bit of chunk of Siegfried who returns the favour and wipes out Scan for the round win! For the final game we have Cervantes for Scan against Siegfried again for PC Specialist. PC Specialist uses blocks very well and gets the first round win by parrying after blocks. On the second round PC Specialist go on the attack and Scan don’t seem to predict it and get wiped quickly. For the match point Siegfried goes on the attack but Scan block effectively getting some decent hits in and even blocks a soul charge attack and goes for a grab but unfortunately is not close enough and PC Specialist get a hit and win the game!

Siegfried gets a win on Battle of Brands
PC Specialist gets the round winner with Siegfried.
Siegfried gets another win Battle of the Brands
Siegfried knocks Cervantes out of an air attack for the win!






Now we are on the final- Box against PC Specialist. For the first round of the final game, Box have gone with their favourite Maxi and PC Specialist have gone with their successor Siegfried. Maxi goes in for the hits straight off but Siegfried does some good blocks and hits well from a fare for a good win. The second round and pretty much more of the same until Maxi fights back and almost gets a come back but Siegfried squeezes in a final strike for the win. Round 3 and Maxi gets a full soul charge hit on Siegfried and takes up a huge chunk of health but Siegfried manages to parry and wipes out Maxi pretty effectively giving PC Specialist the round winner. 1-0 to PC Specialist.

Next game and PC Specialist stay with Siegfried- why would you change a winning recipe right? and Box go with Voldo, straight of the bat PC Specialist  go on the attack with Voldo not being able to do much about it giving PC Specialist the first round. Round 2 and Siegfried is again straight on the attack with big hits but due to how slow they are Voldo gets some great hits in.Unfortunately it is not enough though and Siegfried gets a good hit on the back of Voldo for the round win. Round 3, Voldo goes on the attack from the first point and gets Siegfried down to very low health and uses a combo attack to kill him off taking us into round 4. Almost out of retaliation Siegfried gets some great combo hits on Voldo from the off and within seconds gets the win for PC Specialist with a great soul charge attack giving them the tournament win.

Soul Calibur 6 Winner: PC Specialist (3 points)

Soul Calibur 6 line up Battle of the Brands

Soul Calibur 6 Battle of the Brands

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The one most Battle of the Brands watchers wait for. First up, we have Box versus Scan. Box go for checking A site straight up for the bomb but Scan plant it at B site pretty much straight away and Box seemed to be completely uncoordinated with no one even checking B site for the bomb before it goes off giving Scan an easy win. For the second round Box go in aggressive but Scan use the SMG’s well and take out 3 very quickly. RageDarling soon comes in and cleans up with the duel pistols and gives Scan the next win. Box did not seem to buy that great of weapons for round 3 and Scan managed to clean them up pretty quickly. A few Assault Rifles bought all around this round, Scan seem to be confident with their lead and go aggressive with managing to wipe out everyone on Box without as much as a hit on Scan. Next round and Scan make a dash for B site for the bomb but are challenged by Box this time, unfortunately Box loose 2 players as ShannonKeatingx manages to get a decent kill with the Negev, Scan are combating with 2 P90’s giving them the age right now with Scan planting the bomb but wiping Box out giving them the 5 rounds. Box have a 5 round bonus now but don’t seem to do a great deal with it although. Box manage to lock down site B but unfortunately get killed quickly leaving ShannonKeatingx to take on 4 by herself, she managed to take 2 down but the bomb does off giving Scan the 6th round. Majority of Scan have M4’s right now with Box still having UMP’s which makes it easy for Scan to kill Box off for 7 rounds straight.

It seems Scan have the knowledge of the game with rifles being utilised and the P90 for RageDarling but Box seem to be sticking with the UMP’s showing that maybe they haven’t played this game much? Scan win this as easy as the previous rounds without loosing a single player. 8-0 to Scan. Box get a kill on Scan but they get wiped before making anything else happen giving Scan the 9th round as well. Box try and hold B site but Scan make a push as a team with some go above and some below attacking from all sides for the 10th win. Hakks has been buying UMP’s for the past 10 rounds and has over $13 thousand saved up but doesn’t seem to want to spend it. Box throw some smoke down at site B but Scan attack from both sides again and get the round win. Hakks finally buys a different weapon but Scan gets easy control of the A site and it turns out the new weapon for Hakks doesn’t work as he gets knifed by RageDarling for the final kill giving Scan 12 straight rounds. On the 13th round Box take some P90’s and an AUG but the same applies as Scan only get one hit by Box before managing to wipe Box out for the 13th round. Looks like Scan may go 16-0. Scan seem to be trying to tease Box into rushing in by taking shots in the air and it works as they split and go on their own leaving Scan to take them out bit by bit for the 14th round. This time Box try and stick together to begin with but end up separating leaving Scan to clean up for the 15th round win to end the half. Scan turn over to the Counter Terrorist side now and go on the attack straight away with the advantage and wipe Box out without loosing any players and get themselves the win all around and secure a place for the final.

Scans win CS GO Battle of the Brands
Scan go 16-0 against Box.

Next semi final is PC Specialist against Ebuyer. This round seems an even shout between the two but Ebuyer manage to just edge the lead with some decent shots with the pistol. Money management seems to be better with this game, Ebuyer go for some SMG’s and PC Specialist seem to be saving, this ends with 3 on 2 with Ebuyer trying to take it safe going slowly but J-Simple tried to sneak behind and gets some damage on Skiddler but not before the bomb is planted, PC Specialistt manages to wipe Ebuyer and difuse the bomb for the win. They is a clear showing of talent for this game by both teams. Ebuyer pull out the AR’s with AK47’s and M4’s allowing them to kill all but 2 of PC Specialist which carries on for Ebuyer to wipe the rest.

PC Specialist save up this round with just some SMG’s and take it careful but Ebuyer seems organised well and they manage to leave it down to 3 on 1 as Xocliw plants the bomb before being killed, Ebuyer defuse the bomb and get the round. PC Specialist go for an eco round with only pistols but Ebuyer use plenty of throwables and wipe out a few. Pheo ends up being the last one against 2 on PC Specialist and he manages to plant the bomb but gets killed leaving PC Specialist to defuse and win their eco round well. Now we have some AR’s for PC Specialist with a SR for Benno who actually manages to ace Ebuyer and wipe them all out in the middle. The next round and Benno sticks with the SR and gets another kill before getting taken down. Ebuyer are playing an eco round and end up losing it due to a 1-3 situation even with a decent play by Skiddler. PC Specialist spend some money and get some scopes for the round and Benno yet again slaughters with the SR and PC Specialist rake the round.

Ebuyer go for an eco round here against the AR’s and SR that PC Specialist have leaving them to be wiped by the team. Ebuyer goes on a spending spree here and get AK’s all around with plenty of throwables. Xocliw goes for some beautiful SR kills wiping out 3 and Benno finals it out for the win. Ebuyer are using the same tactic with AK’s all around and PC Specialist have the SR’s to challenge them. This round ends up with a battle at both sides of the maps with Ebuyer coming out on top for the win. It seems Ebuyer are sticking with the AK’s and wipe out Xocliw straight away but Benno answers by taking out 3 for the win with a no scope for the last kill. It seems each team have found their favourite weapons to stick with for now and Skiddler wipes out Benno straight away as he seems to of recognised the threat he is and the rest of the team manage to wipe PC Specialist for the round win. Much of the same for this round for Ebuyer though PC Specialist have changed to SMG’s with some M4’s, inlark manages to take 2 but it ends up with Benno versus 2 who unfortunately gets killed. 8-6 to PC Specialist as we go into the last round before half time. This round is close with 1 team loosing a player as the other does but Ebuyer come up top and manage to get the win meaning at half time its 7-8 PC Specialist.

CS GO Battle of the Brands
Binlark fights off against Ebuyer by himself.

Second half is underway now and Ebuyer manages to wipe out the opposition without loosing anyone in the pistol round and go on to do the same in the next round to push into the lead at 9-8. Skiddler keeps switching up which side he holds each round to keep the opposition on their toes but it doesn’t stop PC Specialist wiping them out for the win. Skiddler gets some cheeky kills with the SR to close it to 3 versus 3 with him wiping out 2 and Binlark gets the kill with Skiddler on 4 health and gets the win. Ebuyer go for an eco round against decent weaponry for PC Specialist and Skiddler tries to sneak in from behind but gets killed and the rest get finished off quickly as Ebuyer looses their eco round again. This game seems to be dictated by SR’s as Benno and Skiddler battle off with them, Skiddler wipes Binlark but PC Specialist plant the bomb and cause Fusionz to run in with Skiddler and kill them off with Skiddler managing to defuse the bomb for the round win. This game is so close with 10-11 to PC Specialist at round 22/30. AR’s all around for this round and J.T.B manages to kill of 3 before being taken down and Ebuyer manage to wipe out the rest.

PC Specialist go for an eco round now against AR’s and Skiddlers SR, who takes Benno first and then J-Simple with Pheo taking out the last PC Specialist player. PC Specialist rush bomb A this time but Ebuyer communicate well to wipe them out for the round win. Another eco rush by PC Specialist now with them managing to pick up some AK’s from Ebuyer allowing them to come out on top in the eco round. Both teams buy plenty on this round and TaeK gets a decent grenade kill but Alex gets a pistol kill on him, Fusionz and Skiddler manages to take a few but eventually get bested leaving the current standing as 13 all on round 27/30. Same again this round although Skiddler has gone for the M4 instead of the SR and he handles it well pushing his KD up to 36:15 and end up coming out on stop for the 14th round win.

PC Specialist seem to be trying to save expecting a possible overtime situation but the middle of the map ends up being hectic as it all goes down and as it slows down its 2 versus 3. J-Simple takes out Pheo and Skiddler is on his own who gets taken out at the very last second. Ebuyer have to go for an eco buy in the 29th round with the game tied at 14-14, PC Specialist manage to pull this round giving them the match point. Ebuyer have a bit of money this round but not a huge amount PC Specialist are taking it steady and sticking as a team and wipe out 2 of Ebuyer before moving through to wipe out the final 3 and PC Specialist take the win for the final spot!

Defuse by Skiddler Battle of the Brands
Skiddler gets a kill and goes for the bomb defuse.
Skiddler CS GO Battle of the Brands
Skiddler goes on a killing spree.






Now this is a fascinating final with PC Specialist against Scan. Scan stick together as they make a push as a team to annihilate PC Specialist for the first round, Benno gets a nice knife kill though. PC Specialist go for another eco round but cant seem to best Scan with it like they did Ebuyer. Scan are looking to go for the B site with this round but Ebuyer are being careful, Binlark goes for a sneaky attack from behind but it doesn’t work and he gets killed, Benno ends up being on his own to try and take 3 Scan players but they turn out to be to much.

PC Specialist go for an eco round with J-Simple having an AUG he picked up the past round allowing them that extra edge, its now 3 versus 2 against Scan and FractureZ ends up being the last Scan player and manages to pull a win by killing of the last 3. Plenty of AR’s and SR’s this round, can Benno show Scan what hes capable of? It would appear so as PC Specialist manage to get a win and Scan loose their first round after 20 rounds in total! Scan are sticking together well in the next round but PC Specialist answer with another win thanks to good kills by Benno and Binlark. The same goes on in the next round with Benno absolutely ripping up with the SR’s. Rage Darling ends up being the last one and has to try and take out 4, she manages to take 1 but decides to save the weapon instead- Good decision in my book.

Scan seem to be rushing frequently and be aggressive with FractureZ managing to get the bomb down but PC Specialist wipe them out and get the round. Both teams spend a lot in the next round with AK’s now coming out, this ends up being an even round but Benno pulls out the usual with a quick kill before the bomb can be planted and ends with a 1v1, Benno has eyes on the bomb and takes out r2k as he goes for the bomb. Scan are having money issues now but they have lost 5 in a row giving them the lose bonus for the economy. Scan get the advantage but TaeK shows his skills with the SR and it leaves Zenster on his own with an UMP, he manages to plant the bomb and takes out all 3 for a win! 5 all now with 11 rounds played. Zenster is on a roll right now and seems to be loving it as Scan have swapped to a patient game and J-Simple ends up on his own against all 5 Scan players which obviously ends with the Scan win.

This round Scan have the weapon advantage but PC Specialist have the player advantage quickly and it ends with PC Specialist getting the win. Binlark takes out r2k and Rage Darling due to repetition of those two going the same way each round, FractureZ manages to get some decent kills and its Xocliw against the 3 Scan players but decides to save the AUG and gives Scan the round by leaving the bomb. TaeK and Benno get some beautiful pistol kills and get the win making it 7 wins a piece as we go into the last round of the half. Benno has his classic set up with the SR along with FractureZ making it an interesting game but Benno gets taken out and Scan take the win at half time.

Ebuyer CS GO Battle of the Brands
Eco round does not go well for PC Specialist for a change.
Scan CS GO Battle of the Brands
FractureZ annihilates in this final.






It seems this final is a close one compared to Scan’s semi final against Box, either team could win this game right now. Second half starts and r2k gets a nice 3 kills with the pistol. Scan have SMG’s now but PC Specialist stay with the eco round and Binlark ends up 1v4, picks up an SMG and takes out 2 before getting the bomb and its Rage Darling and Anonymirz against him but Anonymirz manages to get him as he comes around the corner. 10-7 to Scan. PC Specialist get a full buy with AK’s and take out 2 quickly and plants the bomb but Scan clear them out and defuse. It seems Scan are running away here with Fracturez on 25-10 KD.

Full buy for both teams again but both team are taking it carefully with Scan loosing the first 3 players before PC Specialist loose some and it ends up with Rage Darling against 3 with the bomb down so she decides to go for the save on the AUG to help the economy of the team. Benno shows his skills again with the SR raking out Rage and allowing the rest of the team to clean up. PC Specialist are making a come back here as they manage to make another sweep to win the next round after it ends up with a 1v4 for Anonymirz with just a USP. Scan do not look good money wise though Zenster buys a weapon and throws one to Rage Darling as well, Zenster manages to take out 2 before getting bested by Xocliw but things start to slow down now as each team is wondering where to push and it ends up being Scan who comes out on top.

Scan now have some money to be able to buy the M4’s and AUG, Scan are being patient this round as they wait to see where PC Specialist could be going and lose Zenster in a shoot out but Fracturez takes down Binlark as well. Scan do a great job playing for time and Rage Darling takes out 2 leaving Benno alone who manages to take 2 but gets taken down himself. Benno tries again with a peek around the corner but gets taken, FractureZ gets what looks like a 360 quick scope and takes another 2 before loosing to J-Simple but Rage Darling manages to take him downa nd defuse the bomb. Scan are 2 rounds away from winning now. PC Specialist come out as a team and FractureZ gets taken but Zenster gets an ace for Scan. PC Specialist need to win 5 rounds on the trot to win this now. TeaK sneaking in a bomb plant here as people are fighting for room but Rage Darling starts cleaning house on PC Specialist to wipe them out and Scan get the win!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive winner: Scan Computers (3 points)

Counter Strike selfie Battle of the Brands

Overcooked 2

Now this is the one I have been waiting for! We start off with we have Box against PC Specialist and then Ebuyer against Scan. So we kick off and there is Sushi for days and prawn which is the easiest dish to send out as it only needs cutting. Things are pretty stable right now with PC Specialist getting a decent lead smashing out dishes left right and centre and Box are loosing some orders as they do not seem to be any communication between them both. PC Specialist go on fire with a tip of times 4 and they have 530 to Box’s 137 to win the round! This best of 3 so they go straight back at it, hopefully we see Box step it up. Now we have chicken tacos and meatball subs for the dishes and these require not only meat cooked but rice as well. Box manage to get the first few dishes off but falls off the map allowing PC Specialist to make a come back.

PC Specialist go and take some plates from Box’s side as Box takes the lead slightly as well, both teams are struggling though as they loose orders. PC Specialist just pull out orders before they are lost giving them the lead and Box goes around and takes PC Specialist’s food to try and take the lead but it does not work quite that way. It seems Box are going for orders with plenty of time instead of orders that are close to loosing but that really effects there tips and PC Specialist shoot ahead with the tips leaving Box to try and steal the pans and equipment that they are using out of spite, funny but unsuccessful and PC Specialist win this with 2 wins against none for Box which means unfortunately they end the tournament as a whole at the bottom.

PC Specialist Overcooked 2 Battle of the Brands
PC Specialist enjoy the win with smiles all around.

Now we move onto Scan against Ebuyer, lets see if either of them can take those sweet FPS skills into the mighty Overcooked arena. We dive into this game with burgers being the dish, some needing salad and some not. Ebuyer don’t quite seem to get what they are doing and Scan seemed to of designated roles to each player. Scan take a clear start here with 153 tips to 0 as there is one player prepping and taking the food to the till and the other cooking the meat. Ebuyer still have no idea what they are doing and have 0 tips, one player even takes a raw steak to the till with no plate, Ebuyer keeps falling off the map and end up with -60 points since orders are running out of time. Scan are doing 2 orders at a time here and have taken the clear lead with no chance for Ebuyer to come close to getting them. 453 to -90 for Scan.

Now we are on rafts int he river and chicken and chips for food. Ebuyer seem to of got the gist of it now and are prepping and cooking food. Scan get the lead as expected first but Ebuyer answer with taking the lead with quick orders. Scan loose and order and end up going minus before getting an order in but then Ebuyer loose an order and Scan take the lead buy 2 points. Ebuyer end up with the deep fat fryer on fire and needing to use the extinguisher but they only need another few dishes out but unfortunately Scan have a x3 tip advantage and get one in for the second win. Scan get through to the final.

Battle of the Brands Overcooked 2
There is just no competition here!

So PC Specialist against Scan, we expected this right? This is a close game to start off with as both teams seem to be clearly clued up on what to do. Chicken and meatball subs here for this dish, both teams are getting tips at an even pace but has PC Specialist get x3 tips giving them the lead and they go on fire with a x4 tip but a player falls off the map and they loose it before they can capitalise on it. Scan are pushing for the tip bonus but seem to be taking more of there time with dishes unlike PC Specialist.

Scan seem to be waiting for the dishes as they cook where as PC Specialist work on prep as they are waiting which is giving the edge here. PC Specialist get a massive score with it being 1006 against 763 giving them the win and they could take this whole game from Scan. For the next game we have mushroom, tomato and steak pasta. This is as close a game as any this tournament with each team getting the same amount of dishes in and x1 tips, both teams try to steal the others preps and pots and pans to try and upset the others. PC Specialist just get back on the prep and manage to get another dish in before Scan to give them a slight lead and they manage to take the game giving them the entire game.

Overcooked 2 winner: PC Specialist

Overcooked 2 Battle of the Brands

So now with all games out the way we look at where teams stand on the board, below is the result of the entire tournament.

Battle of the Brands Tournament Standings:

1st: Scan Computers
2nd: PC Specialist
3rd: Box
4th: Ebuyer (Won Most Valued Team)

So that’s that, it has been a very interesting Battle of the Brands tournament and all in all it was for a fantastic charity that help thousands of people to enjoy the passion of gaming like we all do. The total raised by the event was: £7694 which is amazing truly! Please if you are able to donate to the charity at the address here as they do amazing work! Its going to be exciting to see what happens at next years Battle of the Brands that’s for sure, can Scan make it a triple winner? One thing is for sure, Caffeine Gaming will be there to watch it!

Twitch Stream of the event.