For some time now, Fortnite players have speculated that some big event is coming to Battle Royale. The theories have ranged from a meteor–seen in the sky above the game world–crashing into Tilted Towers to some kind of alien invasion. Something is definitely afoot, as evidenced by a new emergency broadcast that’s now entered the game. [Update: Fortnite’s meteors are now crashing down into the island.]

Official Twitter and Facebook accounts for Fortnite sent out the image below, which features the standard SMPTE color bars or bars and tone you’ve likely seen at some point, but with the outline of a dead llama laid over the top. There’s no accompanying message with it, leaving fans to wonder what’s going on.

This isn’t just limited to social media. The same image has popped up in-game; as shared on Reddit, TV screens on the island are showing this with some accompanying static. Does this signal a coming alien invasion? Are players being warned about the meteor’s imminent impact?

Nothing else has changed in-game since the release of the new 3.6 update. However, with Season 3 winding to a close next week, it seems all but assured that something is going to happen. Epic acknowledged fans’ speculation by adding some small details to Tilted Towers in the new patch, and there’s reason to think something space-centric is coming. Aside from the meteor that’s been visible in the sky, many of the Season 3 Battle Pass items are space-themed.

Fans have generated theories about when the next stage of the meteor event will happen, only to be let down time and again. With Epic offering up something much more direct like this, though, it seems like it’s just a matter of time until we find out what’s next for Battle Royale and perhaps Season 4.


Author Chris Pereira

Original Post by GameSpot

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