Apex Legends has been a huge hit since it was released, with over 25 million players within 1 week of being released it is slated to be the game to knock Fortnite off its throne and whilst that maybe a far fetched idea the numbers sure do support it. Due to how crazy popular the game is people have been data-mining the code to try and find out any new rumours or details about the game, much like people do when there is a new season of Fortnite. Here I want to talk about the potential additions to the game and get you all hyped for Apex Legends Season 1! You can check out my previous article explaining the game here.

New Apex Legends Season 1 Character

Yeah that’s correct, the game has been released for about a month now and we already have a new legend coming into the game! The new legend has been rumoured for a few weeks now, having been found in the game files by a data-miner, he is to be named Octane and has some rather interesting abilities:

Passive Abilitiy: Swift Mend (While not taking damage Octane restores health over time)

Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie (Move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs 10% health. Immune to slows while active)

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad (Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air)

So these abilities add up to make Octane a rather interesting Legend, I think he is going to be very suited to players who like to go in guns blazing. I think this character would be perfect to have on a team with Lifeline, the passive healing of Octane means when played right he only needs to concentrate on shielding which means Lifeline could solely concentrate on the third player with only helping out Octane with healing in a pinch.

Octane Apex Legends Season 1 Character

That tactical ability is a very interesting one, now being effected by slows makes it the kind of ability that can mean the difference between life and death. Imagine you’ve just been hit by an Arc star or some Nox gas, pop that tactical and you should be fine.. a surprise the opposite team will not expect.

The ultimate ability I am not that impressed with in all honesty, whilst I do think it’s a good idea to give a character the chance to quickly get out of an area I feel like they were better ideas they could of used for this. They are already balloons throughout the map that work as launch pads and ultimately there isn’t a short supply of them- they are everywhere! Another thing is that Apex should be trying to stand out from the crowd and using something that its main competitor already does isn’t smart game design in my eyes. So really I wanted something more out of an ultimate here, an EMP of some kind to lock ultimate abilities or something would be cool.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

Thanks to those wonderful data miners, it was discovered that they would be a battle pass much like in other Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. The battle pass was rumoured to be released on 12th March but seems to of been delayed for an unknown reason. Respawn have said it will be coming out very soon however. On the 12th March players were trying to open Apex packs and received a notification saying they was a server error, it seems this is due to them containing season 1 battle pass cosmetics that have yet to be authorized on the server.

Server Error for Apex Legends Season 1

They is no evidence as of yet to what the battle pass will contain but I would put money on it following the same plan as Fornites and PUBG’s. They will be new weapons and Legends on each Season but the battle pass itself will bring cosmetic items, new finishers, player backgrounds and intros. I would really like the ability to dress our Legends up our own way to be honest, much like PUBG does. The price of the battle pass is also unconfirmed but with Fornites being around £8 I would put it at the same price. One things for certain, Apex Legends Season 1 will just result in thousands more players joining the game and I can’t wait for it!

Apex Legends Esports

Surprisingly this has been a rumour since the game was released! With Apex Legends pulling in millions of players very quickly it was a subject that was bound to be brought up, Esports! They are a few tournaments already popping up and they are teams all over Twitter that have announced they are getting teams together. ESL have announced an Apex Legends branch of its business with tournaments to boot. On top of this, a college in the US has just announced they are offering an Apex Legends ‘Path to Pro’ scholarship, you can check that out here.

All this shows that Apex Legends is seriously hyped up to be the next big Esports and I can not wait for that! Esports is getting bigger with each year and any game that is capable of pulling huge crowds and attention to it goes a big way to helping it become even better. KFC Gaming has just finished up its Blackout tournament which saw 2 players win $30,000 and a black card, maybe Apex Legends is its next franchise for the finger licking good treatment.

Doubles and Solo modes

This has been something that players have been asking since the game was initially announced; players want the chance to play in Duos or on Solo. I do agree with this mainly because playing with randoms can get so frustrating but I do like how you can meet some great new people by being forced to play together! Respawn is yet to comment on this idea and whether it will happen but yet again the data-miners (praise them) have discovered code that relates to a Solo mode and Duos mode. Surely this means it is bound to happen? Maybe Apex Legends Season 1 is where we finally see it.

Duo and Solo modes in code for Apex Legends Season 1

Although the more I think about playing Solo the more I realise that might not be a good idea, lets face it you’ll be facing off against majority players who are Wraith mains that are just shadow walking around the map. I suppose it could atleast give the game a PUBG feel!

That’s about it for the rumours and information going around about Apex Legends Season 1 right now, I am so happy that Respawn have not ended up falling to the publisher hatred trap that seems to happen to anything EA is involved in. This game has been polished off really well and it is no wonder it was an instant hit, I am very excited to see where the future of this franchise goes and I, for one, want to play it professional for an Esports team! Let me know your thoughts on the game and the rumours below in the comments or on our Forums. For now, Catch you on the battlefield!