A Most Curious Murder 

A Most Curious Murder

A Most Curious Murder for Oculus Gear VR, a murder mystery game from Impact Unified, Malmö Sweden and UNLTD, Montreal Canada, is set to Friday the 9th of February 2018

A Most Curious Murder 

We’re very excited to be releasing “A Most Curious Murder” with Oculus. It was a fantastic collaboration with Simon and the team at Impact Unified and we look forward to releasing more episodes in the very near future! ” -John Hamilton, CEO UNLTD

“Our game features a unique locomotion system, in our extensive user trials we found this is what greatly reduces VR motion sickness and improves immersion” – Simon Hultgren, CEO Impact Unified.
Game Storyline:
As you walk through the dark corridors of the police station, you start thinking this might not have been such a good idea after all, but there is no turning back now. You need to figure out a way to access the computers, the computers that your friend is convinced houses the surveillance videos from the night of the murder. But is that enough? Your intuition tells you that there must be items from the murder scene somewhere in the police station that the police has somehow overlooked.

Can you help the police solve the murder? And more importantly, who are you willing to sacrifice to walk free?

The details
A Most Curious Murder is a fully interactive mobile VR detective game where you must gain access to the police station and solve a murder case by finding evidence and watching surveillance videos. By searching for evidence in the police station and taking screenshots of interesting events and suspicious activities in the videos, you can put together the pieces of the puzzle as evidence and then gradually unfold the activities leading up to the murder. The game has an innovative locomotion system and is best played standing as you move around in the police station by walking on the spot.

A Most Curious Murder 
About Impact Unified
We love games! Our mission is to make engaging VR games, board games and mobile games with a social impact. We are also developing VR games for schools, educational companies and the general public who are curious to learn something new.


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